Save Babies Blogger Shower Sponsor Highlight: Bundoo #TBLBabyShower

I’m super lucky to be a part of a huge March Moms birth month board, it has been invaluable my entire pregnancy and beyond. We discuss so many different things and it’s always nice to get everyone’s opinion. We even have a couple of nurses in there for a professional opinion!

Not everyone has a group like mine though and even if you do, even though the group as a whole has a lot of information they don’t always have the answer and obviously not it’s not usually a professional opinion. Which is where Bundoo comes in quite handy!

Bundoo is another one of our amazing sponsors for the Save Babies Blogger Baby Shower!

What’s Bundoo?


Bundoo is an online community the provides expert advice from pediatricians and child-care experts, great articles, and a forum where you can connect with other parents just like you.

Right now Bundoo is in their Beta testing so registration is completely free! It’s going to be exciting to be a founding member of this thriving community!

I’m signed up myself and I’ve been browsing the Pre-Schoolers section since Mason is going to be going to pre-school soon which kind of makes me want to cry a little! I can’t believe that my little man is already going to be going to pre-school!

Having a community of parents AND experts, even if it’s online can be an amazing thing. It allows us to express ourselves, learn and grow as a parent even when it seems like we spend all day working and parenting!

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