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I’ve experienced a Mother’s worst nightmare. I lost my sweet baby girl when I was 18 weeks pregnant, my water broke unexpectedly and I gave birth 5 days later and I held her until she took her last breathe.

My life has completely changed since then. A piece of my heart will always be missing. Who I am is different. I no longer think “it couldn’t happen to me” and truth be told my already anxious personality (I’m a big worrier) has only gotten worse. I’m constantly running through scenarios  and that “what ifs”.

It’s exhausting.

When Kyla was born a weight was lifted off of my shoulders, she lived. I birthed a baby who was alive and pink and full of life. She came out screaming. I think she knew her mama needed that. After the birth high wore off which took quite a while my anxiety started creeping back in. My main worry was SIDS. What new Mom doesn’t have SIDS in the back of her mind?

We do everything we can. No pillows, put them on their back, fan in the room, pacifier, breastfeeding, room-sharing, no blankets near them. But even then you worry, because you’re a mom.

That’s where Respisense comes in, to help ease some of those fears, to help put your mind at ease.





  • Can be used almost anywhere that a baby may fall asleep.
  • Are ideal for multiples and co-sleepers.
  • Are small, safe and very easy to operate.
  • Work in cribs, cots AND baby hammocks.
  • Are safe, portable and convenient instruments for monitoring baby’s movements and have, since 2005, provided peace of mind in thousands of homes world-wide.
  • Can be used successfully even while driving because it differentiates between baby’s rhythmic breathing movements while sleeping and other more general movements, using two distinct indicators.

How does Respisense work

After 15 seconds if tummy movement aka breathing is interrupted the TummyTickle tactile stimulator vibrates.

After 20 seconds of no tummy movement the alarm sounds.

The question I always hear in response to Respisense is

Have you had any false alarms?

The answer to this is yes. The alarm has gone off when Kyla was perfectly fine. There was one time where I couldn’t figure out why it went off, the alarm seemed to be perfectly placed. Any other time it happened it was because the alarm had come off due to Kyla moving too much.

Respisense is great for Co-Sleeping

Respisense is perfect for us because it fits right onto Kyla’s diaper both her cloth and disposables diapers. Because it fits onto her diaper and doesn’t go in a crib like other movement monitors we can use it while co-sleeping. Not only can we use it while co-sleeping but we can use it anywhere and everywhere. I love that we can have that peace of mind on the go.

Traveling with a Moving Monitor 

As many of you know I travel to New York a lot. When I was traveling with Mason I would always get freaked out especially if he went from crying to not crying. Did he stop crying because he fell asleep or did he stop crying because he couldn’t breathe for some reason? The anxiety over which one it was would cause me to either pull over and check is breathing or knock his car seat to startle him so I could see him move in the mirror. When we traveled with Kyla to New York we had the Respisense and it made such a difference in my traveling experience.

I absolutely love Respisense and HIGHLY recommend it to moms. It provides peace of mind that you can’t beat.



Respisense retails for $129.99 and can be purchased straight from the Respisense website and


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  1. Kenzi says

    No baby yet, hopefully soon! This would be a great product that would give me peace of mind and help me get some sleep at night once baby arrived.

  2. Amanda says

    I have a 3 year old, a sweet baby girl in heaven, and baby number 3 on the way. This would definitely help to ease my mind once baby arrives.

  3. Laura Jacobson says

    My little sisters baby is 4 weeks….I just saw her today and she looked so tired. On her hubby’s side of the family…they had a SID death many years ago, but she is having so much trouble sleeping… afraid to fall asleep. This would bring her so much piece of mind…and allow her to get some sleep. I didnt even know they had anything like this! What an amazing product!

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