Kyla: Week 12 & 13 in Pictures

Day 79 Monday May 27th 2013


Day 80 Tuesday May 28th 2013


Day 81 Wednesday May 29th 2013

Today Kyla met her Great Grandparents for the first time (My Mom’s Parents)


Day 82 Thursday May 30th 3013


Day 83 Friday May 31st 2013


Day 84 Saturday June 1st 2013



Day 85 Sunday June 2nd 2013, 12 Weeks

-one day I feel like I’m going to look at this picture and say “that is such a classic Kyla face!”


Day 86 Monday June 3rd 2013


Day 87 Tuesday June 4th 2013

June 4th

Day 88  Wednesday June 5th 2013

June 5th

Day 89 Thursday June 6th 2013

June 6th

Day 90 Friday June 7th 2013

June 7th

Day 91 Saturday June 8th 2013

Kyla met her Daddy’s Grandparent’s today aka Grammy’s Parents!

June 8th

Day 92 Sunday June 9th 2013, 13 Weeks

June 9th

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  1. says

    These are sooo cute! I wish I had thought of something fun to do with pictures when Elliette was born, but I was such a mess those first 6 weeks I don’t really even remember them. You will definitely love looking back on these someday!

    I’m thinking maybe I’ll get around to that journal of funny things they say…

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