How To Use ZipList Recipe Box Tutorial

I have been doing recipes on Little BGCG for years now and I’m always looking for ways to improve your recipe experience here which is why I’m thrilled to announce my partnership with ZipList Recipe Box.

Ziplist Recipe Box always you to save recipes across all the websites that use them. You can also save recipes from across the web using their Recipe Clipper

zip list 7


Once you sign up you’ll see that on the top of the screen! If you don’t already have an account signing up is easy. Click the “Recipe Box” in my navigation bar. From there you can sign up using your email address or one of various social media accounts you may have.

Once you have signed up, clicking the Recipe box will bring you to all the recipes you have saved across the various recipe sites you visit and save recipes from.


The menu drops down to show

Your Shopping List

Zip List 10

Your Meal Planner

Zip List 9

and Grocery Deals

Here’s a “How to” so you can easily starting using your ZipList Recipe Box! Saving a recipe to your recipe box is very simple, the only stipulation is that you’re on the exact page of the recipe and not a category page.

ZipList 1

Recipes from here on out will have a “Read More” button which will put you on the exact page of the recipe. You can also get to the correct URL by clicking the post title.

Here’s an example of what the correct URL will look like.

How to Use Zip List

Click the “Save Recipe” button to add the recipe to your recipe box.

Zip List 3

Click “Add to Recipe Box” if you want to make the recipe soon but not necessarily before your next shopping trip or click “Add to Shopping List and Recipe Box” to add the ingredients to your shopping list.

You know the recipe has been saved when you get a “Success” screen.

Zip List 4

My Recipe box is already filled with some yummy things I can’t wait to try!

Zip List 6

Not in the mood for anything your recipe box? You can also search the recipes of ALL the sites that are available on ZipList. You can even filter it by website,

Zip List 5

I hope this helps you save recipe quickly and easily!


Image Map
Strawberry Banana Bread
Gail Simmon's Bumbleberry Summer Sundae Recipe #MyPlatinum

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