Our Garden Adventures

For the last two years I’ve been talking about starting a garden but it wasn’t until this year that I got the go ahead. I started small, I just wanted to do strawberries in a container, which I did.


And those came out great, the day I was pretty certain they would be ready some chipmunks got to them.


I guess the chipmunks getting to them meant my instincts about them needing one more day to be ready were right. They were ready and the chipmunks knew it. One of Mason’s favorite shows is Peter Rabbit so I told him that Peter Rabbit got into the garden and he told me

“NO he didn’t! Peter Rabbit lives in the TV!!!”

True son, true.

B has done a great job of putting together the garden. We have a raised bed with

Green Beans, Onions (grassy looking things behind the green bean stalks)

May 2013 954

Squash (on the left you can see the onions on the right you can see the zucchini)

May 2013 956

and we also have zucchini in the raised bed

May 2013 958

We also have a ton of things in pots like peppers

May 2013 965

and asparagus

May 2013 953

Rumor has it that asparagus is hard to grow, and even harder to grow in containers but apparently it can be done. It also seems as if we won’t get a harvest this year, instead we should get one next year. That’s a little disappointing for me as I really wanted asparagus this year but patience is a virtue. I also have a feeling that once we do get it it will be very satisfying!

 I love watching Mason help in the garden and he LOVES it.

May 2013 964

I love that we are building these memories for him, that one day he will talk about gardening with his parents, maybe while he gardens with his wife and children. It’s such a nice thought for me.


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  1. Christina says

    We have 3 raised beds and some containers. I love gardening. I think we have a little bit of everything. We have tomatoes, green & wax beans, cucumbers, eggplant, zucchini, GA sweet onions, cantaloupe, watermelon, broccoli, yellow squash, spaghetti squash, green peppers and some herbs. I never did get around to planting the carrots. We ran into a few soil issues this year (first year using the raised beds we built from last year) so we lost all but one of our zucchini and although I knew that the spaghetti squash grew wild and they pretty much had a bed to themselves (a few pepper plants at the opposite end), they still became over crowded and we had some leaf issues because of it. But its a learning experience for sure and I am still enjoying it.

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