Mason Update

My sweet little Mason. Every time I look at him I can’t help but think that not too long ago he was the size of Kyla but now it seems as if he’s all grown up.


For instance, where as I used to decide what hair cut he received this last time he decided and he wanted a mohawk. Luckily I still have some control and we went with a fauxhawk. MasonMohawk

 He looks so freaking cute with it, I can hardly stand it! We’ve been spending a lot of time at the park lately! It’s perfect for getting some energy out and letting him interact with other kids his age!

I bet he’d make more friends if I wasn’t following him around with my camera 😉

May 2013 803


This face right here is a classic Mason face. It’s his “I’m about to do something I shouldn’t do face” like run off when I know you’re trying to take a picture of me. I love that face.


Mason has a certain way he likes to do things and it cracks me up. Whenever it’s appropriate I let him do what he pleases. While at the park he showed me how to drink from the water fountain



Have I mentioned how much I love that face?

I must say. Three has been challenging for me. It continues to be challenging for me but there are so many moments with him every single day that fill my heart to the brim.

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