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I’m in a March Moms group, there are  over 300 of us and we  talk about anything and everything under the sun. One of the things that have come up multiple times? The Johnson & Johnson commercials. They were tear jerkers for us especially when we were pregnant!

Tears right? Can’t watch the video because you have a little one sleeping? I’ve been there. Here’s the jist.

J&J Campaign Manifesto

Tears right?

As part of this campaign, recognizing their commitment to the health and well-being of moms and kids worldwide, J&J is also planning to donate $25K this Mother’s Day to Save the Children®.

It wasn’t until I became a mother myself, that I realized just how much my own parents have scarified for me and my siblings. When you’re a parent you give up pretty much everything in order to be one (or two or three etc) little person’s everything.

And you’re okay with that because now they’re your everything.

When I got pregnant with baby number 2 I was suddenly overwhelmed, will there be enough love for two babies? Will I ever love anyone as much as I love Mason? The answer is overwhelming YES.

That never became clearer to me as when my water broke with Baby #2 when I was 18 weeks pregnant.

We called a friend to come and stay with Mason and we rushed to the hospital praying the whole way that something, someone could save our baby. After a couple of hours and an ultrasound it became obvious that no such thing or person existed. Not for us.

Immediately they discussed calling labor and delivery, getting me admitted and inducing my labor. My baby’s heart was still beating so I declined.

I was almost immediately told that by choosing to go home I was risking my life because of the risk of infection.

But home I went. I cuddled Mason, I was in shock. I slept.

The next morning I googled and connected with other women whose water had broke preterm and prematurely. I learned that I had pPROM’d. Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes.

I decided that I was going to fight for my baby. I put myself on bed rest, drank a ton of water took a million vitamins all in hopes that I could save my baby.

5 days later I lost that battle when I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who looked SO much like her brother.

So many people have told me how strong I am, how brave I am. But I was none of those.

I was just a Mom, doing the best she could for her baby.

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  1. Deb says

    You are strong because you’re a mom….we will always fight hard to protect the ones we love. Thanks for sharing your story, it will give others courage to face another day.

  2. says

    Oh, Christa, your post brought me to tears. I’m remembering my lost babies this Mother’s Day, too. And I think you’re right…you just do what you have to do. As a family, we all have to be strong for each other.

  3. says

    You’re such a great mom, and you are a very strong mom. I definitely agree, when you have different circumstances with motherhood people always wonder how you do it, but it’s just part of the job description. When you’re a mom you can’t give up, you just have to keep fighting no matter what.

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