Zoey’s Attic $35 Gift Card {#Review & #Giveaway}

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Zoey’s Attic has always been one of my favorite shops. Every time I’ve ever browsed Etsy I’ve gravitated to their items. We already own one shirt from Zoey’s Attic. It was Mason’s Big Brother Announcement shirt when we got pregnant with Elena! This is Mason wearing the shirt posing next to my appx 17 week belly with Elena.


It says “I’m Not Lion, I’m going to be a Big Brother”. He was so cute in it as you can see!

I blog pretty much *everything* that goes on in my kids life. One day my kids may hate me for it. But what I really hope instead is that I’ve created a virtual journey for them, one that they can look back on and share with their children one day too. Which is why when I saw the “My Mom is Blogging This” T-shirts I *had* to have them.

I got a Maternity shirt for myself:


I’m so sad that I never got a picture of myself and Mason in this shirt! The first time I wore it was during the Kidney Stone debacle. Before I knew I had the Kidney Stones and I puked all over it. The next time I spilled something on myself within MINUTES of wearing it. I had dreams of wearing it while I was in labor which would have worked if I hadn’t been in some sort of strange denial lol.

The only good news about that is I can say WITH CONFIDENCE that stains wash out easily from these shirts which is perfect when you’re pregnant and constantly dropping food on your belly.

Here’s Mason’s matching My Mom is Blogging This Shirt:


and a Matching onesie for Kyla who is SUPER shocked to find out that her Mom is Blogging This!


They are too cute for words. I tried to snap a picture of the two of them but as I discussed earlier getting a picture of just ONE of them is hard let alone two. Don’t believe me? Here’s my failure, but somehow still super cute (at least to me) photo shoot of my babies wearing their matching shirts.


Behind the Scenes: Kyla is obviously crying and Mason is trying to calm her down by rubbing her face and patting her belly which is only serving to make her even more angry. He’s also repeatedly saying “Don’t Cry Baby, Baby Don’t Cry”. Shortly after he then pushed her back towards me. “I took a picture with Kyla, Can I have the Kindle now?”.

Blogging items aren’t the only thing Zoey’s Attics makes though rest assured! They also have the most adorable pregnancy announcement shirts! Like the matching “I’m not Lion” for girls



They also make toddler pillows  like this adorable Rainbow one that our little Rainbow Miss Kyla NEEDS to own!


and both kids need adorable Birth Announcement Pillows!


They also have shirts for Mom, Dad and Grandparents. They have pretty much everything you’re look for! I have never been disappointed with the quality of Zoey’s Attic and I not so secretly can’t wait to be getting more matching shirts for my babies!


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Disclosure: I was sent a set of three shirts to review for Zoey’s Attic. All opinions are 100% my own.
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  1. says

    I've had Zoey's Attic items favorited on etsy for quite a while. We're trying for a baby and we already decided which tshirt my stepdaughter would get and of course plan on ones for the dogs…. Adorable stuff!

  2. Sonya Morris says

    I may get the Birthday girl whoo’s the birthday girl owl raglan Tshirt, with so many cute things it would be hard to choose!

  3. Lynnette says

    I really want one of the sibling shirt sets and the tote about promoting sisters to aunts. We’re expecting our second one in July and as soon as we decide on a name we can order!

  4. says

    I would use the gift code to get a two customized “team” shirts for my son and daughter who will become big siblings in September to an unknown gender baby! 🙂

  5. says

    I’d definitely get my son a “3” year old shirt since he gets mainly hand me downs/pre owned clothing. and likely one of the cute maternity shirts as well!

  6. suzanne gipperich says

    If I won, I would get the 3 piece numbered sibling set. I just love that set and am pretty sure we NEED it!! Lol. We are currently pregnant with our 3rd baby and find out tomorrow if we are expecting a boy or girl. We have 2 boys already and decided it was time to try for just one more, only after several months of trying found out that I have a problem with my ovaries and will probably never be able to get pregnant again. Our heart were broken, but much to our suprise, shortly after Christmas, we found out we are expecting a miracle baby!! So excited and blessed!! :o)

  7. Shae Stivers says

    I would use it to put on a purchase of shirts for all 3 of my kiddos! Can’t decide what one’s though!

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