Kyla Week 4, in Pictures

Day 23: Monday April 1st 2013

April 2013 017

Day 24: Tuesday April 2nd 2013

April 2013 032

April 2013 048

Day 25: Wednesday April 3rd 2013

I love her little lips

April 2013 081

and her little face!

April 2013 088

Day 26: Thursday April 4th 2013


Day 27: Friday April 5th 2013

April 2013 217

Day 28: Saturday April 6th 2013


Day 29: Sunday April 7th 2013


This is a couple of days late so she’s actually officially 1 month old today. That post will be coming soon. I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone by! It always goes by too quickly I feel like it was just yesterday that Mason was this small and now he’s three.

Anyway check back soon for a Kyla 1 month update (middle name will be reviled) and Mason too!

Kyla: 1 Month (Middle Name Reveal)
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