What do you know about Child Support?

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The other day B and I were watching Teen Mom 2 and the issue of Child Support came up it was really interesting to see how it was handled and like most other things (especially when we’re watching Teen Mom) it sparked a debate between us.

Corey has an agreement with Leah to pay $500 a month for both girls. Was $500 too much to be paying a month for two kids? B seemed to think so especially since Corey took the kids every weekend. But I on the other hand wasn’t so sure. $500 a month seemed more than reasonable to me considering that he only has them on the weekends, that he has a full time job where he brings in money as well as the Teen Mom 2 money.

In the end it seemed like I was right since they upped his child support payment per month to $800. And then there is Chelsea and her baby daddy who is on the show so little that I hardly know his name. It seems as if he doesn’t even pay child support much less take the time to actually see his daughter for more than a couple of hours per month.

It left me realizing that I really don’t know much about child support at all despite the fact that technically speaking I’m a single Mom and I have quite a few friends who receive or are trying to receive child support.

After coming across this infographic it made me realize how little I know about Child Support in the US and that no matter where you are we all face similar issues and questions.

In the U.S some of the stats are similar. For example 17.1 percent of families as of 2009 were lone father families which is a little higher than the Australian statistic but still very similar. This isn’t surprising to me at all. Pretty much every family I know that has separated the children live with their mother for a majority of the time and the father gets them 2-3 days either over the weekend or during the week.

I’m sure there are many of you out there who are dealing with child support issues right now. So tell me, do the statistics in this infographic surprise you in any way?

Is your situation more like Corey and Leah or Chelsea and Adam?


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