Mason Monday: Threenager

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a Mason update. I feel guilty about this since I’ve been keeping up with Kyla’s! I used to keep up with Mason’s when he was itty bitty too though. 

Mason is what I like to call a THREEnager.

Kid has an attitude you wouldn’t believe and goes from crying or being angry to being happy as a clam! Like I said Threenager. He is certainly driving myself and his Daddy crazy. I know that a lot of it has to do with our latest arrival. But I also know that a lot of it is him testing his boundaries because he’s been doing this since before Kyla was born. Bed time can be quite the nightmare although it’s starting to get better, we needed a routine change and that helped, but not always. He tends to throw tantrums that are *so* hard to ignore.

Luckily for him we *love* him and he’s really freaking cute!

These were from Easter Weekend. He is getting so darn big and so fast it’s scary!

March 2013 1014

March 2013 1078

March 2013 1085  MasonEaster 

B got him that little Fedora and shirt and he looked so stinking cute.

I haven’t been able to get as much pictures of him as I used to because he runs from my camera! When he doesn’t run he’s dancing in front of it making pictures impossible to get! When I do snap a picture of him he always says

“What picture did I get?”

And then I have to show him the picture. Which lately is either a “get that camera out of my face picture” or a “silly face picture” like this one

April 2013 621

Note his finger placement.

He’s doing fairly well with Kyla.

April 2013 619

He absolutely has his moments but for the most part he loves “his baby”. It’s so cute to hear him say “his baby” and “baby sister” and don’t even get me started on how cute it is to hear him say her first name. I can’t wait until he’s older and I can tell them both about how he pretty much choose her name for us!

In other Mason news he’s pretty much potty trained. I started Superbowl Sunday and by the time Kyla made her arrival he was down to pretty much no accidents but he regressed a lot once when she was born (which I expected). We’re finally getting him back up to par but it seems as if the slightest distraction leaves him with an accident. We have to be on top of him to go to the bathroom which is more annoying that changing a damn diaper but absolutely not cheaper so it all works out.

He’s learning new things every day and is so excited to show his mama pretty much everything he finds or finds exciting. Like this coin!

April 2013 295

We’re thinking about putting him in pre-K this September but I’m not sure if *I’m* ready for it, it would be FIVE days a week FULL days. That’s too much for this Mama. Although I’m sure my little guy would thrive!


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    Testing boundaries – you hit the nail on the head. I’ve been struggling with feeling guilty because I’m so frustrated with my 3yo right now, and I’ve been feeling like it might be affecting my bond with our new little girl. It’s all so trying, but also very normal, I’m sure. I try to picture how it will be when they’re both teenagers…hard to believe that’s even possible! I’m starting to really realize that parenting is SO much bigger than I ever knew.

    Question: Once you had Kyla, did Mason look like an absolute MAN to you? My boy looks SO big to me!

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