Dreamy Sunday

Today was a gorgeous and productive day, those are my favorite types of days. We woke up at a decent time, not too early, not too late, I got some stuff around the house done, we watched the end of Toy Story 3, hung out outside for a bit and then we headed to the park.

After the park we headed to Target, when I got home both the kids were passed out which of course means that I have time to do some work…or spend some time on Pinterest which is what I started off doing. I couldn’t help myself.

Today I was all about the dream home. I do this fairly often. B and I live in cute little townhouse, it’s perfect for our family of four but to be honest we’re quickly running out of space especially if we decide to add to our family at any point. Since I always catch baby fever the worst as I’m watching my newborn grow it leaves me thinking about my dream home, having our family of four in it and maybe even one (or two) more.

Ideally we would build our next house from the ground up. Well other people would build it be we would direct, There are so many house and land packages available so I’m sure we would be able to find the perfect one.

I’ve been in a ton of display homes in both South Carolina and Florida and they’re all really nice but we of course would make sure that any home we pick/build is uniquely us which is where my Pinterest board comes in, I’ve been picking out stuff I love since I first got an account. Granted it’s not all unique since someone else has obviously done it before but the way I combine it is sure to be unique right?

It’s going to be pretty awesome walking into a house like this every day one day

dream home

and walking through this front door.

front door

But before we walk in why don’t we take a nice swing on “my” porch?

front porch swing 

This would be the perfect place to read bed time stories in the summer don’t you think?

After bed time I’ll head into the bathroom, grab a towel from here because I’m obsessed with the color and I love the idea of furniture in your bathroom that has a pop of color!


and then maybe a relaxing shower?


or a bath?


After my bath I’ll grab a snack from my amazing fridge

furniture fridge 

and bring it to my adorable little desk where I’ll blog (work space is so important, when I build my dream home I don’t want an office, I want a space that I love and feel creative in)


and once everything is all set I’ll grab some me time in my reading nook!

reading nook

Then of course a little one will wake up and I’ll snuggle with them until morning when I serve breakfast at a beautiful table

farm table

and then the kids and I will slide (pun totally intended) downstairs to our basement


The kids will play and do arts and crafts

arts and crafts

while I catch up on laundry


and then we’ll play together and watch movie and FINGERS CROSSED a nap!


After nap time we’ll play some more and then I’ll cook some dinner

teal kitchen

and after all the bedtime festivities are over and my work is done for the day I’ll head to bed, ready to start the day over again!

master bedroom

Gah, I wish I could really build my dream home like TODAY. But unless I hit the lotto sometime soon I’ll have to settle for something a little less luxurious.



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  1. Jeffrey says

    Great pictures, it does look like a dream! I love the entry door and the rounded door frames in the house, well okay I love everything about it and would pack up my family tomorrow if I had a chance to move in!

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