What’s Your Everyday Road Trip?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cooper Tires for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Almost every single day I'm in my car driving to one place or another. Some of the trips are mundane and some are a lot more special even if they're only a 10 minute car drive. Cooper Tire knows that any drive can be special depending on the circumstances.

Cooper Tire has been crafting tires for life’s road trips for nearly 100 years. Boasting a full product portfolio, fitting most vehicles on the road today, Cooper manufactures quality passenger, light truck, sport utility, performance and winter tires.

On March 1st, Cooper Tire Facebook fans started submitting their not-so every day road trip stories to the company's Facebook page either by a story, photo or video to enter the Cooper Tire's My Every Day Road Trip Contest.

The top written story will win a $100 gift card towards gas and the highest rated photo entry will receive a $500 gift card to use toward gas for one month. The top 5 video finialists will each get a brand new set of Cooper tires and advance to the final phase were Cooper Tire Facebook fans will vote for their favorite video to help pick the final winner. The video with the highest score and votes will win a $5,000 gift card towards gas for one year! Here's an example of a video that may win 🙂


Submission ends soon (March 29th) but even if you don't get a chance to enter you can still get a chance to win by voting for your favorite video starting April 15th. You'll be entered tow in a Road Trip Kit. which includes a $100 Cooper Tire auto service voucher, a $50 gas card, $50 iTunes gift card and Cooper gear.

In the last month I've had quite a few special " Every Day Road Trips" and they all involve adding Kyla to our family. The first was the drive to the birth center. I was in transition while we were driving to the birth center so even though it was a short drive, a drive that I have taken a million times before it was quite a different experence. It was a ten minute drive where I knew that the next time I got into the car I would be strappinng our daughter in too. That I would no longer be pregnant and instead of a family of three, a family of four. Which brings me to my next special "Every Day Road Trip" when at 6am we strapped our three year old into his car seat and our 3 hour old into the car and headed home to start our life together.

And then there was the one I was most worried about, taking both kids to the store by myself. Giving birth is nothing compared to keeping two kids satisfied while you roam the stores 😉 But it worked out wonderfully and on the way home both kids were sleeping and content.

Sometimes its the little things that make ordianary trips, extraordinary!

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