What a Week.

I’m sure most of you expected to hear from me on Elena’s Birthday.

I wanted to write a post about the last year and how much things have changed, how much I miss my baby girl and how surreal it is to be awaiting the arrival of her baby sister. I wanted to share with you all her birth story.

But you know what they say about the best laid plans.

FridayOn Friday morning I woke up puking and with a horrible pain in my back and side. I thought for a second it might be early labor so I let my midwife know but I quickly realized it might be a stomach bug. As the day progressed the pain in my back got even worse, it was concentrated to the right side.

Around 3 or 4 I told B that I was headed to the emergency room, that something wasn’t right that if it was a stomach bug my back wouldn’t be aching the way it was. I went to the ER and upon check in told them that I’m pretty sure it was something with my kidney and that I would prefer not to be placed in L&D since I’m not in labor and I want to make sure the issue I was having was addressed.

They ignored me and sent me to L&D all the while side eyeing me assuming that I was actually in labor and didn’t know it. I knew I wasn’t.

They hooked me up to monitors


They ran a urinalysis and discovered a UTI and sent me home saying with antibiotics. I inquired about the back pain and the told me it was a pulled muscle. I inquired about the vomiting and they told me it was a stomach bug. So I clarified with them: So I have a UTI, a stomach bug and a pulled muscle in my back?


So I went home where the pain continued to get worse. I puked two more times that night. SaturdayThe next morning I woke up with pain in my side. The pain was no longer in my back the same way it was in my side. But I felt good enough to eat and was starving so B and I headed out to a restaurant. I even instagramed


The food smelled delicious so I figured I was over the “stomach bug” who likes food when they have a stomach bug!? I drank a large glass of root beer, had some bacon cheese fries and a quarter of a bacon and turkey sandwich.

And then. The pain came back. It became debilitating. It took all I had not to crawl to the bathroom. Within seconds of reaching it I began to violently puke. The whole restaurant heard. We left and I told B to drive me to the Emergency room that something wasn’t right. That this wasn’t the pain involved in a normal stomach bug.

He dropped me off and once again I requested to not go to labor and delivery because I wanted the REAL problem to be addressed. I was denied my request.

I got up there and was still reeling in pain. I had a horrible experience with the nurse which is a whole different issue a whole different blog post I will be without a doubt blogging about. I also plan on filing an official complaint for her and the OB assigned to me.

The OB assigned to me was my old OB, the one whose practice I just left in favor of my midwife. And it is VERY clear that she was more concerned about that fact than the fact that she had a HUMAN BEING in severe pain under her care.

I was released once again and told that it was a stomach bug. I was told that the severe cramping and pain on my left side was my INTESTINES. That the were spread out up and down and that was the pain.


Sunday I felt relatively okay. The pain was still there and constant but it wasn’t excruciating. Until night time hit and then it started again the pain, the puking.


Monday (Elena’s Birthday Feb 25th) I went for follow up blood work with my midwife she was VERY concerned about my pain level and at that point we both decided that without a doubt it wasn’t a stomach bug. She sent me to UVA a hospital an hour away to get some better care.

There I was finally diagnosed with Kidney stones. Unfortunately they gave me *nothing* for the pain and pretty much told me to suck it up and that it would pass in two days (even though I was already working on 3 1/2 days).


Tuesday was a lot like Sunday. Luckily no puking but I was still nervous to eat. The pain was manageable for the most part with Tylenol. But not always and especially not at night when I was trying to sleep.


Wednesday I had a regularly scheduled appointment with my midwife and we discussed seeing a urologist. We made an appointment but it wasn’t until the following Wednesday. In the mean time she got me set up with another doctor to see if he could order an ultrasound to check out my Kidneys.

I went to him and he didn’t think it was a Kidney Stone but he did prescribe me something a little stronger to help me sleep.


Thursday (Feb 28th) I went in for the ultrasound. Baby Girl looked great but my kidney didn’t look so awesome the consulting doctor and the radiologist were concerned about it’s function and they suggested another u/s where they could watch my bladder filling. The right side was flowing pretty well the left side (where I had been experiencing the pain) was only trickling in. Because of this they recommended a CT Scan explaining that the benefits far out weigh the risk. The concern they had for me made me decide to get it (something I’m struggling with now).

The results come in and I’m talking to the consulting doctor. My left kidney is dilated and I have a kidney stone on my left side that is rather large 5x5x6mm. My right side also has a stone but it’s not causing issues as of right now.


He then says that it is his recommendation that I deliver pretty much immediately to avoid any further risk to me or the baby. He is concerned that my kidneys will FAIL.

He tells me that he’s calling my midwife to discuss the results and that now it’s up to use to find a doctor who can deliver me in a hospital setting.

I talk to my midwife and we’re both freaked out enough to decide that we need to see another doctor TONIGHT. But we’re also both pretty sure that based on what the first consulting doctor thinks that I will be having this baby within the next 48 hours. Our only hope is that they will offer me a trial of labor before jumping to a c-section right away.

I fill B in relax a little at the birth center (by relax I mean have a mental break down) and then I head home we pack bags for all three of us, get the infant car seat in the car and head over to another hospital, Martha Jefferson.

Once we’re there I go up to Labor & Delivery full expecting to be induced or c-sectioned within the next day. I get hooked up to the monitors and once again baby girl is doing great. About an hour or two later the nurse comes in—I’m being “cleared” by L&D and sent to the ER about my kidney stone. I get to the ER and the doctor pretty much LAUGHS at the thought that I would need to be induced or given a c-section because of the kidney stone. He also LAUGHS at the thought of kidney failure.

He says to me, you have two right? I assure him I do. He says to be on the safe side I can get labs run every week until I deliver to make sure my kidney is functioning well but otherwise I’m fine to deliver at the birth center and kidney failure is highly unlikely


It’s been two full days since that experience and I still can’t believe how everything went down. It was a crazy week. I’m still in A LOT of pain. It’s seriously worse than giving birth but I’m doing a bunch of natural remedies to try and shrink the stone to hopefully pass it before giving birth. Right now I’m having a “good moment” but earlier I had a bad one. Had to take the pain meds and try and sleep it off. I pretty much have to eat like a rabbit until the stone passes or risk severe pain instead of just dull aching always there pain.

We’re also doing some natural things to encourage my body to go into labor so that I can then hopefully pass this stone or have something done (laser to break it up). One thing the consulting doctor and the ER doctor agree with is that I most likely won’t pass the stone until baby girl is here because she is compressing the area even more so than usual.

I still have an appointment with the urologist on Wednesday and will know more then.

In the mean time. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers and if you have any natural remedies that worked for you or know of similar stories I’m all ears. I’m not going to lie, I’m a little nervous about giving birth naturally AND having a gigantic painful kidney stone.

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  1. says

    ((hugs)) seriously what a week! I’m so sorry you had to go through all of that, that no one could give you proper care!!!!!, and that the dr scared the crap out of you with kidney failure and immediate delivery. GEEEZ. Will be thinking of you and hoping everything gets better! <3

  2. Beth R says

    I am hoping that the pain will ease a little and maybe you will get lucky and that stone will pass. I hope you are able to get some rest

  3. Jenn [ Crippled Girl ] says

    holy crap! 🙁 The only thing I know about kidney stones is to avoid all caffeine, but I’m sure you already know that by this point of this fiasco. Hope the pain lessens and you are able to pass the stone! xoxo

  4. says

    Ugh, that’s terrible that you had to go through that. I hate how differing the opinions of doctor’s are. I’m glad you’re in good hands with your mid-wife though! I’ve definitely been keeping you in my thoughts!

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