Kyla: Week 3

Day 16: Monday March 25th 2013

I love this picture. Right after I took it I showed it to B and he said “what is that over my shoulder?” and then he realized what it was (a card we got on Elena’s Birthday and her Sunset Magnet) and he said oh, I thought I had an angel on my shoulder. And I said, you do. And he told Kyla, we both do.


Day 17: Tuesday March 26th 2013

Kyla and I had a our two week check up. I’m doing great and Kyla weighs 8lbs 6oz. As a reminder. At birth she weighed 7lbs 13oz. Day 3 she was down to 7lbs 7oz. We’re so happy with her weight gain! YAY Mama’s milk!


Day 18: Wednesday March 27th 2013

March 2013 849

They’re both over taking pictures in this one, I love how they’re making the same face.

March 2013 861

This is blurry but I love it all the same.

March 2013 854

Day 19: Thursday March 28th 2013

Daddy left to go see some March Madness Games. We went to a play date and then an eye doctor appointment, we were gone pretty much all day but everything went great.



Day 20: Friday March 29th 2013

March 2013 968

March 2013 916  March 2013 966

Day 21: Saturday March 30th 2013

March 2013 1120

March 2013 1099

March 2013 1111

March 2013 1118

Day 22: Sunday March  31st 2013

Happy Easter! Once Daddy got home from seeing some Sweet Sixteen Games in DC we went through the baskets and Mason hunted for Easter Eggs!

She couldn’t stop staring at all the awesome stuff the Easter Bunny got her!

March 2013 1222

March 2013 1183

March 2013 1202  March 2013 1367

March 2013 1402

Another week gone by too quickly. They grow way too fast!

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  1. says

    oh, she’s just precious! She has about the same amount of hair as my new little girl, and we even have the same blanket and outfit as one of your pictures! It looks like you’re enjoying getting lost in that new baby bliss as much as I am. I never want to go back to real life! I just might not… 😉

    Congrats again! I’ll be watching for more updates.

    • Christa says

      It’s such an amazing time, I’m so glad our girls get to grow up together, in blogland at least 😉

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