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This is all kinds of awful but up until recently I had no sort of virus protection. I did for a while and then it ran out and it kinda just slipped my mind. That turned out to be a big mistake when I got a computer virus (a really bad one) around the same time we lost Elena. Did that teach me a lesson?

No. I still didn’t have a virus protection program until I signed up with Geek Squad online Tech Support. Here’s what you get when you subscribe.

One year of unlimited in-store help, online chats, remote and phone support Includes virus removal, full diagnostics and repair of operating system and software issues for up to three computing devices. Tech Support customers can also get up to 90 minutes of in-home support for a $49.99 fee per visit

Virus Removal? Sign me up.

My computer has been SO low on memory. Probably because I’ve been filling it up with pictures of this cutie

March 2013 381
and this one too

March 2013 775 

So hoping for a miracle I contacted the Geek Squad online Tech Support to see if they could help me clear up some memory so I could upload some more pictures.


I was connected with a man named Sean. We played IM? tag for about an hour (I kept running off to do something with the kids) and then we finally caught each other at the same time and I told him about my problem, asked him if he could remove programs I didn’t need and clear up as much space as possible.


I gave him permission to have remote access of my computer and I stepped away from the computer while he did some work. About an hour later I checked on the status and I had a little message


Just as I suspected, my memory issue has more to do with my pictures than anything but the low disc space message hasn’t been popping up since he got rid of some things which is nice because it was really annoying. 

I’m so excited to have Geek Squad Tech Support for the next year just in case and if I have any questions.

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