Baby3’s Birth Story: Part 2

Part 1


I can’t remember at what point I decided I need to go upstairs and get some relief in the shower bath/shower, looking back at my text messages with my midwife I would assume it was around 11pm. I tried desperately to get some sleep in the tub but it wasn’t really happening.

B had been checking on me every once and a while since he was still keeping Mason occupied. At some point I felt like I had reached my limit. I called out to B and told him that I felt like I had had too much. My contractions were 3-5 minutes apart at this point but NOT a minute long so I figured I still had a long time to go and I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it.

I started texting my midwife








The nausea and the  cold sweat were both things that happened shortly before I had Elena but I still didn’t think I could be too far along. When she asked me if I felt like there was a major shift like a “I can’t take it anymore shift” there had been but quite honestly I was embarrassed to say so because I thought I still had a while to go since my contractions weren’t a minute long. When she told me she was coming by to check on me I was so relieved. I just needed something.

She was there about 5 minutes later,  I had like 4-5 contractions before she could even check me and when she did she said that my bags were bulging and that I was a loose 7. She went to where B was and told him that it was time to go. I got up and got dressed and started gathering my things. I texted my Mom to let her know what was going on


We were out the door shortly after and my midwife had already left so that she could start the water in the birth tub since it takes some time to fill up. I grabbed some water and right as I went to take a sip I puked.

We had a 10 minute drive to the birth center and I had about 4 contractions on the way there. They were excruciating and I was fairly certain my water was going to break in B’s car. I was feeling pressure with each contraction.

I had a contraction as I got out and then another one as soon as I walked into the birthing suite. About a minute walk, if even. My midwife helped me through it and then suggested I get undressed and try to use the bathroom before getting in the tub. I sat on the toilet and pushed  a little to get some urine out. I immediately had a contraction and felt the urge to push but I resisted the urge to push because I didn’t want my water to break over the toilet and make a huge mess.

Almost as soon as I got in the tub I felt the urge to push and told my midwife (she was still preparing things). I KNEW something serious was happening. The next time I felt the urge to push i did and my water popped.

B and Mason were sitting on the couch in front of me and I was having a hard to verbalizing to anyone that she was coming and pretty much NOW.

I mentioned to my midwife again that I was feeling the urge to push. I pushed and told her it hurt and she said that if it felt like pinching to stop because my cervix may not be completely dilated but it didn’t feel like that. It felt like pain because she was coming into my birth canal.

With another push I knew she was coming. I told my midwife that I thought she was coming and sure enough she was. She had her midwife in training go get B because he had stepped out of the room with Mason not realizing just how close we were to having our daughter. He had stepped out with Mason because Mason was playing on the Kindle and couldn’t access Sonic and was trying to get me to make it work for him as I was pushing his sister out. He didn’t notice at all that I was in pain/giving birth which is hilarious for so many reasons.

With the next push I started to feel the famous ring of fire. I paced myself. Trying to allow myself to stretch properly. I would push and let her come out a little bit and then go back in.

At one point I had told everyone that I just couldn’t do it anymore. I think this was around the time her head was coming out. That it hurt too much. Obscenities may have been said. I apologized on the next break I got though 🙂

A few pushes later she was out. It was such an amazing relief to have her out and laying on my chest. I couldn’t believe how quickly it had happened.

Within 30 minutes of arriving at the Birth Center I was holding my daughter in my arms.


It took a second or two but he found her lungs and she screamed and she screamed. We were certain they were working!

Even though it was late Mason was up for the whole thing. Which mean he met his baby sister right away!



B was able to cut the cord after it had stopped pulsating and I had delivered the placenta

March 2013 025 

After the cord was cut B was able to hold her while I got ready to try and nurse her again. She latched on rather quickly and we nursed for quite some time. When she was done she got all her measurements done.

March 2013 027

March 2013 030 

B changed her first diaper.

March 2013 038

And by 6am we were home and in our *own* beds. 

At this point Baby3 was still Baby3 but within the first 24 hours (but not the first 12) she had acquired a first name.

Meet Kyla.


March 2013 061

March 2013 071


March 10th 2013

3:24 am*

7lbs 3oz

19 1/2 inches long

We feel so blessed to have her here with us.

We’re all doing great and feel amazing that we got a birth experience that we were happy with, that Kyla is healthy, that I’m healthy and that we’re home and have been able to enjoy every moment that she’s been here so far.

I’m so in love with all of my babies!

oh and a middle name will be coming…soon…hopefully 🙂

**For Those paying attention to the times. I had Kyla within 30 minutes of arriving at the birth center. At the same time that I was arriving at the birth center we were getting ready to jump ahead due to the time change. So even though my time of arrival (probably 1:57ish am) and her time of birth are an hour and 30 minutes apart it was actually only 30ish minutes.
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  1. says

    Aww, that is such a great birth story! I love that Mason was completely unaware of what was happening even while pestering you.

    I was seriously just going to harass you on Facebook since we haven’t seen anymore pictures of Kyla! Oh my goodness she is the cutest! I just love her already! I hope you’re all doing well!

  2. says

    Ohhh mama, what an amazing birth. Kyla is absolutely gorgeous, I love herrrrr!!!!

    Hope you’re enjoying your babymoon. I really can. not. wait to see you guys in a few months! 🙂

  3. Tamara says

    What a great birth story! She is so adorable, Christa! <3 And, I love her name. What does M think of his little sister so far?

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