Baby3’s Birth Story: Part 1

There was a gigantic snow storm that started on the 7th and I had been joking with B this entire pregnancy that I would go into labor during a freak snow storm in March after it not snowing in January or February. So I was nesting and prepping a little more just in case I was actually right. It started snowing and I felt great. 39 weeks rolled around, snow was on the ground and I was still comfortably pregnant. Enough so that I went sledding with B and Mason. I even went down once (not my best idea though).



My 39 week appointment with my Midwife had been canceled because of the snow, neither one of us felt like digging out our cars and there was no pressing need since I had passed the stones. We ended up rescheduling for Friday, March 8th at 2:15.


I mentioned that I had been spotting every once and a while and we were both kinda curious to see if I had made any progress since I’d been spotting for over a week and we briefly discussing stripping my membranes. This entire pregnancy I had been against cervical exams and stripping membranes for a couple of reasons especially before 40 weeks. The reason why I ended up doing the cervical exam and thought about getting my membranes stripped was because when I had gotten an ultrasound to check on Baby3 while I had the kidney stones the results suggested that my placenta looked more like a 40 weeker’s placenta at 38 weeks than a 38 weeker’s placenta so obviously we were a little concerned.

So my midwife did the cervical exam and I was 70% effaced and about 2cm dilated. I ended up not getting my membranes stripped because and this is exactly what I said to my midwife “I’m not ready”. I also wanted to see if she would come when I thought she would (within two days of my due date). She also noted that there was some bloody show. I went home feeling great and not really thinking about labor starting at all.

Around 4pm our crib mattress arrived. Pretty much the last thing we “needed” and I joked to Baby3 saying “Okay you can come now, we have your mattress”. At around 6pm I bent over to get something out of the freezer for B to make dinner and I felt a contraction. By like 10pm it occurred to me that I’ve been having contractions since then but obviously they weren’t very close together, I mentioned it to my labor buddy and that B was out with friends. I told her it was probably nothing but she suggested I tell B. I wasn’t going to bother him until I went to use the restroom and had a little bloody show. So I texted him a heads up.


I went to sleep around midnight after prepping some blog posts.


I woke up at around 5:30 am with a contraction and I had officially begun to lose my mucus plug. I couldn’t fall back asleep at all, every time I started to fall asleep I would get a contraction. Mason must have felt me stirring because he was up and at em at 7am. I started working on my “In labor to do list”


I mopped and made some muffins pretty much as soon as I woke up.  B woke up around 11am and I let him know what was going on and we started making lists of things we needed to get done and a list for the grocery store.

We did stuff around the house  then went to the grocery store. I never stopped contracting but they were never close enough together where I felt like I need to be tracking them. We headed to the grocery store where I continued to have contractions while we shopped.

By the time we got home around 4:30ish I was beyond exhausted. I helped unpack the groceries and then told B I was going to lay down. I was able to fall asleep around 5/5:30ish but was up by 7:45 I had started having contractions and they were closer together for sure.

I texted my midwife to update her on what was going on and we discussed when it was time for me to go to the birth center. She mentioned it would be when my contractions were 3-5 minutes apart and about a minute long. They weren’t close to that yet.

B made me some French Onion Potatoes left overs and I devoured them but I wasn’t sure if I wanted anything else to eat. I know I needed to eat to keep my energy up but I just wasn’t sure what I was in the mood for.

Mason had fallen asleep around 7pm but was up at 10pm when I had a contraction that REALLY hurt and woke him up. At around that point my contractions were putting me on my hands and knees.

But they still didn’t really seem to have a pattern.

To Be Continued…..

Part 2

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  1. Jessica Brown-Jetter says

    I didn't even realize you had the baby. I feel ridiculous! And how dare you tease us like this? lol Meanie! Can't wait to read the rest and "meet" her. Congratulations!


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