What to Do with All my Old Stuff?

Nesting is for chumps. Or in our case for B.

I *want* to nest I really do. I want that urge but at the same time rarely if ever do I get it. I feel like everything I’ve done thus far has been because I *need* to do it not because I’ve got the nesting bug and I’m motivated by it. Does that make sense?

Nesting or not I need to get things done around here before Baby3 arrives and B has definitely been my main motivator. We’ve been getting rid of things left and right and I must say even though it’s hard for me at times it does feel good to purge.

There are certain things I just don’t know what to do with though. Do I donate it? Give it Away? Or do I sell my stuff for cash?

free-cashI wonder how many people will want my Brittany Spears, NSYNC and Backstreet Boys CDs….a lot right!?

Most of the things though, we’ve ended up just donating we figure SOMEONE will want it right? And if they don’t then it’s their problem and no longer ours lol. You’d be surprised what other people will actually pay for that you have. For example, I just purchased “Lights Out” at my local thrift store


It’s an old 90s game that I used to play as a kid and when I saw it I had to pick it up for Old time’s sake! I bet there will be quite a few people who feel that way about some of my old things I no longer want!

With Baby3 on the way cash is always nice! It would be nice to find something like Music Magpie where I can sell all my old CDs, DVDs, Games and Game Consoles that are actually worth something we have a ton so even if it’s just a couple of dollars here and there it can really add up!



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