Things to Do While in Labor


When I had Mason the worst thing I did was calling the doctor when I developed a slow leak. My contractions were hardly consistent when I got to the hospital two hours after I first felt that pop at 6:30am and boy did I pay for it.

I was strapped to monitors almost immediately an IV was placed in my arm and with those two things the freedom to move completely hindered.

With the freedom to move hindered so was my progress. Sure my labor progressed but not as much as it should have. In defense of the hospital staff I didn’t know that I could ask for a heplock and it took me far to long to realize that I didn’t need to be hooked up to the monitors the entire time. Instead just 20 minutes out of the hour. By the time I realized the latter it was too late. I had already been threatened with a c-section and told that pitocin was my ONLY option. With pitocin came the epidural (I had heard horror stories about pit). In what seems like no time at all I progressed and was ready to push but after 2 1/2 hours I was told I had three options

1) Rest (impossible since the epi had begun wearing off and I could feel the urge to push)

2) Keep pushing and use the vacuum to get him out

3) C-section

I choose option 2 since option 3 was hardly an option. A half hour later and my baby boy was brought into this world with the help of my  pushing, a vacuum and a dreaded episiotomy.

This time will be different for multiple reasons. One of them being that I will labor at home for as long as physically possible!

Here are some things *I* plan on doing while in labor to help pass the time and keep active so that I’m progressing:


  • Sweep
  • Mop
  • Vacuum
  • Do the Dishes
  • Make Fresh Batch of Laborade
  • Bake Muffins (Maybe these or these)
  • Install Car Seat
  • Pack Bag
  • Prepare Crock Pot Meal for the night you come home
  • Make “Baby” their first Birthday Cake
  • Shower
  • Pack Car
  • Leave!
    Other Ideas:

  • SLEEP (this one should probably be on my list)
  • Finish that book you’ve been reading
  • Write to your Baby
  • Take a video of yourself and share your thoughts with your baby on his/her impending arrival.
  • Didn’t find out the gender? Do an official poll on Facebook or your blog!
  • Order yourself something nice off of Amazon (do two day shipping) it will be there shortly after you are and it will be nice to get a gift for YOU and not just baby!
  • Paint your finger nails and your toe nails
  • LaborListQuestion

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  1. says

    Haha couldn’t help but laugh at the ‘leave’ on the to do list. Everytime I get contractions, I get going like a crazy person around the house. I have a feeling that by the time my babe is born theres going to be nothing left to do, dang false alarms!

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