Super Hero Birthday Party Ideas

Mason has been majorly into Super Heroes lately especially Spiderman, I think he’s watched every single season that is on Netflix and he asks me to sing him the “Spiderman Song” almost daily.

Of course I oblige. And I’m so proud of myself because I’ve finally learned all the words. He’s hilarious though because whenever I sing “catches thieves just like flies” he yells at me that I’m singing it wrong, when I ask him how it goes he just tells me I’m wrong.

I had asked Mason a couple of months ago if he wanted to do a Superhero Birthday party and he was totally into it! So of course I searched the internet for ideas. Here is some of the inspiration I came across for his party.

Click the image to learn more 🙂









I’m SO excited for Mason’s Superhero Birthday Party tomorrow! I hope it turns out great and that he loves it!


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  1. Richa Bajaj says

    My little brother is always loving the Batman cartoon.. And I think its the best party theme for my brother’s birthday which is next month.. Its really great 🙂

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