Peter Pan 60th Anniversary Diamond Edition 3 Disc Combo IN STORES NOW!

Peter Pan has been one of my favorite Disney movies as an adult.

I absolutely adore Tinker Bell, she’s got sass and every girl needs a little sass in her! Not only that but I love how it helps foster the imagination and it teaches kids that it isn’t always fun being a grown up! I remember wanting to be a grown up from a young age and Mason is the same way!

If you have a little one who feels the same way maybe you can do some of these things with them?

Mason is a fan of Peter Pan too, he loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates which airs on Disney Jr and he hears them mention Peter Pan often enough to where he was excited when he realized there was a movie to match. 

PeterPanDiamondEdition The Peter Pan Diamond Edition 3 Disc Combo pack was just released on the 5th and we were so excited to get it and be one of the firsts to watch it!  Watching the movie has made Mason very interested in his shadow which is not only adorable but also makes for some fun games at bedtime and when we’re walking outside!

I love that it holds his attention and helps to build his imagination.

Personally I love the picture quality. We have a DVD of Peter Pan that was released back when I was in college and personally I can see the difference in the picture quality.

I also love all the bonus features


I especially loved the deleted scenes and songs, those are always my favorite when it comes to DVD extras!

This combo came with not only the Blu-ray, DVD and Digital copy but also the Storybook App right now the Storybook app is only available for Apple Products which just motivates me to hurry up and get my upgrade done!! One of the things you get to do on the app is color scenes from the movie something I know Mason would love to do!

In the mean time we’ve been playing some Never Grow Up Games and you can too!

Download Peter Pan Never Grow Up Games

When you make your purchase don’t forget to sign up for Disney Rewards!


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Disclosure: I was sent the Peter Pan Diamond Edition 3 Disc combo for review purposes only. All opinions are 100% my own.
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    I need to get this. I’ve always liked Peter Pan, and Nick only knows the characters because of Jake and the Never Land Pirates. I keep thinking that when we go to Disney in the fall, and ride Peter Pan’s flight, he’s going to want to know who some of those characters are and where Jake and his mateys are.

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