Our Baby3 Bucket List

I always knew Mason would be late.

I had a feeling Elena would be early (although not that early).

And this baby? Well I think she’s going to be a due date baby give or take two days.

But lately I’m starting to doubt myself. I’ve been feeling mighty uncomfortable the last couple of days and today I feel like baby is trying to break free of my uterus not necessarily through my cervix either. It just seems like she’s running out of room.

I need to go back through my blog posts with Mason and see if I felt that way when I was almost 37 weeks. I feel like the answer is no. But maybe that’s the amnesia every woman talks about when it comes to pregnancy. If you remembered every uncomfortable moment surely you would never get pregnant again right?!

Anyway my comfortableness has prompted me to not only look over my lists of things to do but actually print them out and hang them up.

First things First? Baby Bucket List aka all the stuff I need to do before labor begins!


Believe it or not Mason Potty Trained is coming along nicely…as long as he’s naked of course. Put some clothes on him and well. That’s out the window.

Next up is unpacking the 4Moms Breeze (that should be easy) and Cleaning out the Fridge (I’ll have to do that again I think).

Not sure if I’ll ever get to do the 10 Freezer Dinner Meals though, our deep freezer bit the dust and there isn’t enough room in our current freezer (it’s very well stocked with meats etc). Thinking maybe I can turn those meats into the freezer meals though so we’ll see!

Anything else you think I should add to my list?

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