Maternity Photo Ideas Featuring Siblings

FINALLY my Maternity shoot is tomorrow! I’m beyond thrilled and anxious to do them! My first session was postponed because B’s friend passed away unexpectedly, the next two were canceled by the photographer and while the next was hanging by a thread I decided to go with someone else, I couldn’t handle the stress of another canceled session!

So I repeat FINALLY my Maternity shoot is tomorrow! I’m SO excited!

Without a doubt I want Mason to be in my maternity shoot, I’m pretty sure that some of my favorite pictures from my maternity shoot will be the ones with Mason.

I want it to be really natural and just happen but at the same time I can’t help but look at other people’s maternity pictures that they did with their older children to get ideas.

I have a picture of my brother (who was four a the time) and I where I’m showing my belly and he’s lifting up his too show off his. It’s adorable and I would love to have one with Mason like that, IF he cooperates of course :)

Here are some more pictures I’ve come across that have included siblings of Baby to be.  (Click pictures to see the source)






















So many great ideas! I wish I had hours to take them all! Guess I’ll just have to keep having Babies :)


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  1. All those women look great pregnant! I, however, looked hideous! There is no way that I would have had any photos of me taken without a shirt (tent) on! haha

  2. These pictures are so beautify Christa…though yours will trump them all. :)

  3. I did a shoot with my son and husband with my second. It was wonderful!

  4. Aw. I love the first photo. So very cute.

  5. most of those are adorable! Thanks for sharing! HOpe to see some of your pics!

  6. Cute ideas!

  7. These are such adorable pics!

  8. These are all wonderful and a great way to include the entire family!

  9. I love maternity shoots. Some of these poses I did, too:)

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