Mason’s 3rd Birthday Party

This year we decided that we were going to do a Superhero Birthday Party for Mason. I didn’t want to do a specific Super Hero or a group of Super Heros so instead I contacted Amy from Proffitt Productions who did the decorations for Mason’s last two birthday parties and asked her to emulate a shirt that I had made for Mason. She absolutely nailed it and I loved the way the decorations came out and the way his shirt came out!

I was up until 3am baking the night before Mason’s party. At first I was just going to do cupcakes like I did the year before but then I decided I needed to do a layered Birthday Cake and it took WAY longer than I thought it would but in the end I was really happy with how it came out!

Feburary 2013 036

Best of all? Mason loved his blue cake! As you can see it’s not *perfect* but I’m still pretty proud of it 🙂

I also made some cupcakes and dyed the icing red and yellow! I had cupcake topers made too and they came out so xute!

Feburary 2013 032  

And of course I had to have water bottle labels too!

Feburary 2013 033

  Feburary 2013 045

We had a cape decorating table that was a HUGE hit. I precut all of the capes and the kids (and parents) had a great time decorating them. I think it was an even bigger hit than the bounce house!

Feburary 2013 048

We also had special coloring pages made!

 Mason 1

The kids really liked that too!

Feburary 2013 098 

We of course sang happy Birthday to Mason:

and then he immediately dug into the cake by taking out the candles and licking the icing off!

Feburary 2013 059

We sorta managed to get a picture of the three of us. But yet again Mason isn’t looking (pretty sure he wasn’t really looking last year either).

Feburary 2013 062 

After the cake we opened presents!


Over all  I would say the party was a hit, we all had a great time most importantly Mason and the kids! I’m excited to plan Baby3’s 1st Birthday and Mason’s 4th. But I hope the time goes by slowly.

Mason is already getting far too big too fast!

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