**Mason Moment**

This morning Mason was climbing all over me while I was typing up something to a friend on Facebook. It hurt a little to have him climbing all over me the way he was but mostly it was irritating. Having a baby in me makes it harder for me to tolerate someone climbing on top of me totally invading every inch of my personal space.

As I was about to tell him to please stop climbing on mommy and to get off I pulled away from my computer and wrapped my arms around him. Soon he won’t be able to climb on me like this because Baby3 will probably be in my lap. Soon he won’t even WANT to climb all over me, he’s growing up and I don’t have much more time.

So I wrapped my arms around him and he cuddled into me. And he said to me:

“I wish I could go in your belly”

I giggled and said to him “You want to go back in my belly?! You’re too big, you wouldn’t fit”

He excitingly told me that YES he wants to go back in my belly! And he even had a way he could do it!

“I’m going to drink lots of coffee so that I get reallly small and then I can go in through your belly button!”

This of course made me laugh. I guess he is listening to me when I tell him he can drink my coffee because it will make him small.

We cuddled some more and before I knew it he was off running around the living room again, playing with his toys.

We don’t have much more time until Baby3 and I want to cherish every single moment with my little guy. Friends can wait, blog posts can sit on the backburner. These next 5-6 weeks will be over in a blink of an eye and I will have two little people climbing all over me and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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