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When I first heard about Knocked Up Fitness Prenatal Workout DVDs I knew I had to give them a chance. People can get all crazy about the terminology used to described pregnant women but it’s all in good fun and personally “Knocked-Up” is one of my favorite. Granted I would never say to a stranger “you’re knocked up” but I certainly say it in a joking manner to good friends!

Knocked Up Fitness Prenatal Workouts are Pilates Infused workouts.  There are two DVDs available for prenatal workouts “Prenatal Pilates Infused Fitness” and “Prenatal Core Pilates Workouts”.




It has a lot of Pilates type workouts but also makes sure that it is getting your heart rate up a bit as well!

The first thing that I noticed and loved was that the workouts are broken into segments. While it’s best to do all the workouts together for a total of 30-60 minutes you CAN do it separately if you’re short on time. With Mason I can NOT devote 40 minutes to working out it’s pretty much impossible. Mason doesn’t nap, so if I work out while he’s a awake he can only tolerate so much especially if it’s a long floor workout. Usually I end up with double the workout because while I’m trying to do things he’s climbing all over me. Knocked Up Fitness DOES have some floor work but because it’s short (7 minutes tops) Mason can usually occupy himself during that time so I can sneak it in.

BUT if you do have time to do a 40 minute work out you can cycle through the one DVD twice or the other one all the way through instead of just doing it in segments.

I also love that it gives me a workout schedule to follow:


This makes it easy for me to keep up. I know what I have to do and when.

I love that Knocked Up Fitness utilizes the exercise ball too. I’m going to be using it during labor so it helps to familiarize myself with it.

I’m really excited about the new DVD for After Baby too:


It’s Pilates-Infused as well which I love. I’ve always felt the Pilates and Yoga style work outs were best for me. They’re easy on my body while still giving me great results, it’s been my work out of choice since I was in High School!



Prenatal Pilates Infused Fitness & Prenatal Core Pilates Workouts Bundle with Exercise Band

After Baby Pilates Infused Functional Workouts



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Disclosure: I was sent the Prenatal Pilates Infused Fitness & Prenatal Core Pilates Workouts Bundle with Exercise Band for review purposes only. All opinions are 100% my own.
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