I’m a Dove Mom, Are You? #DoveTruth

If you like my Facebook page you may already know that I’m a Dove Mom Ambassador and if you don’t like my Facebook page you totally should because you’re not only missing out announcements like that but also tons of other fun stuff 😉

As I was saying….

I was excited to become a Dove Mom Ambassador because most days the only TRUE “me time” that I get is when I’m taking a shower and even then it’s hit or miss. Will Mason be able to stay with his Dad for 20 minutes while I shower or will something inevitably make him want to come and shower me something or “help" me” the way I help him when he takes a bath. So since my shower time is my only me time I try to make sure that I’m getting the most out of it. Shampoos and Conditioners that make my hair a little bouncier, body wash that smells good and doesn’t dry my sensitive skin out.

I’ve used plenty of Dove products in the past and have always had a good experience so I obviously wanted to try the Dove Body Washes with their new improved formula. It combines the brands mildest cleansers with NutriumMoisture. It contains 100% natural moisturizers that skin can absorb. Dove sent me some of their new body washes along with a comfy robe


and a spa finder gift card so I could really pamper myself!


So far I’m really enjoying the new Dove Body Washes it leaves my skin feeling soft and not dry at all which is a plus since my skin is usually very dry during the winter. I would also go as far to say that the cheapie body wash I was using before wasn’t helping my skin all that much. I’m also really enjoying the nice big comfy robe they sent me! It actually fits my big pregnant belly!

Another thing I love is that it has a really nice lather I know it seems silly but when body washes don’t have a lot of lather I feel like I have to use twice as much just to be clean, it’s probably all in my head but having a nice rich lather is a plus for me!

If you want to learn more about Dove and their new formula visit their Facebook page!

    Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a Brand Ambassador Campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Dove and received products to facilitate my post and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.
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