First Comes Spring, then Comes Summer

I can smell Spring. It’s right around the corner. Just a couple more weeks and here in good ole Virginia we’ll be basking in the sunlight. And how ridiculously fitting is it that my Rainbow baby is arriving just in time for Spring?!


Having a Spring baby also means that I have limited time to get back into shape for the Summer and our 2nd Annual Beach Trip! The thought of wearing a bathing suit is kinda freaking me out. I’d much rather pick our swimsuits for Mason and Baby3. Their little rolls will look much sweeter in a bathing suit than mine will!

I don’t think I’ll ever wear a bikini again but if I were going to I’m a little obsessed with the color of  this one from Spiegel.


But like I said Bikini’s are no where in my future especially 6 months post partum (the point I will be when we go to the beach). If a plastic surgeon wants me to review their services though, I’ll be down and I’ll rock this bikini daily. Even to the grocery store ; )

In all reality I’ll probably be wearing something like this, which in my opinion is just as cute!


But I’m *really* loving this one


It’s totally different from any bathing suit that I’ve ever worn. It really seems like it would hide my body’s imperfections and I love how it will cover my hips and that it’s a halter top!




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