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B is all about the travel system concept. He doesn’t understand why you would have a car seat that doesn’t fit your stroller or why you would by the two separately especially when he knows systems like the Eddie Bauer Trail Hiker exist.

Add that to the fact that this is system comes in all neutral or boy colors and B was sold from the second it arrived at the front door. He’s already claimed it as “his” stroller and car seat.

When it first arrived I was anxious to set it up. When boxes arrive at my door I get an instant nesting bug especially when it’s baby related. Plus if I take things out of their box quickly B doesn’t realize how much stuff we’ve added to our house in preparation for Baby3! I followed the directions and Mason helped me out and I put it together in just a couple of quick steps. There is one part in the directions that make it seem like it’s more difficult than it is but you will quickly see that you won’t need to do the extra step because it’s already done for you and it’s just a simple “clicking in” of wheels and the tray.

The Car seat of course was already assembled so that was REALLY simple 😉

After it was all put together I wanted to see what it was like with the infant car seat attached since that is how we’ll use it most often:

EBTrailHiker Right away I liked that there wasn’t much space in between the visor for the stroller and the infant seat this will be great for the cold, wind and rain since we’ll still be experiencing quite a bit of that with a March baby!

The first picture also gives a nice view on how big the basket is perfect for everything you need while taking a walk! Here’s an even better view!


This sounds ridiculous but I absolutely love that their is two cup holders. I’ve been known to have coffee and water with me when I’m and about so two cup holders is a nice perk for me. It also has a spot where you can put your MP3 player with space for the headphones to come out!

Feburary 2013 010

Notice where I have the handle. This is pretty much the perfect height for me but it also has multiple positions for people who are both taller and shorter. There aren’t very many people shorter than me but Mason is one of those people and I know he’s going to want to stroll his baby sister around!

Feburary 2013 013 

The tray in the front for baby has another cup holder and a space for snacks/toys!

Here’s a look at the recline:


It doesn’t recline all the way back so you wouldn’t be able to use it with a baby who doesn’t have head control but with the infant seat you’ll be just fine and still get plenty of use from birth to toddlerhood! It goes up far enough so that Mason can reach the tray easily which is good because we’ve had issues in the past with strollers that made it so he would have to pull himself up to reach the tray. It adjusts in the back by pushing the clip and either pushing up or pulling down.

As far as the ride goes it’s very smooth and easy to maneuver, B nor I have had any complaints when it comes to that.

My only problem that I had with the stroller was that the clip was hard to get out at first. But once I got it it worked easily!

As for the car seat it has a base and you can use the latch system or the seatbelt.

Feburary 2013 045 

If you’re not using the latch system there is a spot to store it which I really like. I have other car seats that don’t have a spot for the latch so it kinda just dangles. The base is wide so for me it fit best on the side instead of in the middle.

Since Baby3 isn’t here yet I used her heartbeat bear/piggy to test out the car seat.

Feburary 2013 047

It was really easy to adjust the straps and clip into place. Pinky is very secure in there (please note that the chest clips are at armpit level for safety).

Speaking of the car seat has a little ball that moves and lets you know when the baby is in the proper position. You need to pay attention to the weight. If your child is 11-35lbs the ball needs to be in the orange. If your child is 5-11lbs the ball needs to be in the green.

Feburary 2013 049 

As you can see the ball is not where it’s suppose to be so I adjusted what I needed to until I felt it was in the proper position!

In Review:


SureFit 35 Infant Seat via Quick Click™ acceptance

4 to 35lb occupant capacity for extended use

Side Impact Protection

Infant head support

14” seat pan depth – More Leg Room!

Adjustable stay-in-car base

Easy to read level indicator

EPP Energy Absorbing Foam

3 wheel design for all terrain maneuverability

1 hand fold & stand

Multi-position seat recline

2-section adjustable canopy

Child snack tray with cup holder

Parent organizer tray with 2 cup holders & covered compartment

5 point restraint system

Stroller holds child up to 50 lbs


Eddie Bauer Trail Hiker Travel System retails for $249.99 on Target and is also sold on Amazon.



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  1. Christina says

    Walks! My older kids are walkers to/from school so I do lots of walking. I also enjoy walking the trails at the park.. good exercise, and my 3 year old likes it too.


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