Mason Monday: Christmas Edition

Okay so I’m like three weeks late on this. But I figured it had to be done!

This year on Christmas Eve we started a new tradition. On Christmas Eve Mason, Baby3 and any future kids will open their Christmas PJs and a new Christmas book. This year we got Mason The Spirit of Christmas by Nancy Tillman. I choose to this book for a couple of reasons but the main one being that Nancy Tillman’s books have meant a lot to me this year especially so I thought it was fitting that I get her Christmas book as well!

December 2012 382

December 2012 386

Starting next year our Advent Calendar will be “unwrapping” a Christmas themed book every day until Christmas. Until we build up a full 24 books we will rent and wrap books from the library.

After he unwrapped the book we set our the milk and Mint Chocolate Chip cookies and placed carrots outside for the Reindeer. Then we read our stories and I put Mason to sleep.

The next morning morning Santa had arrived!

December 2012 400

When we woke up in the morning I swear I think Mason forgot he didn’t even want to go downstairs right away, so I let him play on my phone a bit and then we headed downstairs! Before we let him open presents I OF COURSE made him take a picture under the tree!

December 2012 405

 December 2012 407

Then we got to opening presents!


I love that first picture he looks to be saying “What in the world is this?”

Believe it or not these were all I took. I really wanted to enjoy the moments so I put the camera down and just watched and enjoyed my little guy on the first Christmas he “gets it” and the last Christmas we’ll celebrate with just the three of us!

We went over to B’s Dad’s house afterwards where he got a Cars bike and helmet of course he wanted to ride it right away!

December 2012 433

The fleece he’s wearing is a gift from his Grammy, which reminds me. *Funny Story* when Mason opened this fleece from his Grammy he tossed it aside and exclaimed “This isn’t what I wanted! I wanted a fire truck!” he proceeded to be all upset dramatically drooping his shoulders.

December 2012 342 Grammy had gotten him a fire truck the Christmas before so we tried to show him that but he was still upset. He got over it pretty quickly though and when he opened his next gift he said “This is exactly what I wanted!!” Apparently he knew he had to make up for what he said the first time. Smart kid 😉

So in case you haven’t been able to catch up by Christmas Day Mason had three Christmases one with Grammy, one at our house and one at PawPaws. Two days after Christmas Mason and I drove to NY and we started the next round! First “Little Christmas” with my Dad’s side of the family!


Getting a picture with all of them looking and smiling was near impossible as you can see.

But so was getting a picture of Mason looking at the camera at all that day!

December 2012 528

Then we had another Christmas with my parents, siblings and grandparents. Mason was yet again spoiled rotten (these were only a few of the gifts he got!).

December 2012 534

My two Aunts also gave Mason some things as well as B’s Aunt and Uncle! Here is one of him opening gifts from my Aunt D!

Jan 2013 001 (1)

My Aunt actually got better ones so I’m going to need her to send them to me so I can post them!

And I’m closing this post with this one. Because I love it!

December 2012 546

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