Best Medicine for Treating the Flu

We just got back from NY a couple of days ago. The day we left my little brother Luke who is 6 was feeling under the weather. He had puked during the night and had a fever but by the time we actually got around to leaving he seemed to be feeling much better so I didn’t think much of it when Mason had a high fever yesterday.

B and I tried to let it ride it’s course but it was a little on the high side for my liking (a little over 103) and we ended up giving him a fever reducer and pretty much letting him do whatever he wanted. Since he wasn’t puking I figured it was something different than from what Luke had until this morning when we woke up later than usual and he promptly puked all over our carpet. I called my parents house only to find out that poor Luke has the flu which chances are Mason has the flu too and I’m pretty sure I’ll have the same shortly as well.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been promising Mason a Holiday Cake from Baskin Robbins and I figured no better medicine for the flu than some Ice Cream Cake. I let him pick out the kind we got and he wanted the Snowman 🙂

Jan 2013 001 (37)

How cute is he? I had to order the cake ahead and went I stopped in to pick it up I couldn’t help but glance at the Ice Cream Freezer. All the cakes looked delicious and it made me wish I had went with Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream instead of plain old vanilla (although it was still delicious!).


Truth be told I’ve had Baskin Robbins ice cream before (Mint Chocolate Chip from Baskin Robbins is my favorite) but I’ve *never* had their cake before! I like that it has “regular” cake on the bottom as well as the ice cream and the frosting is delicious!

Jan 2013 001 (45) 

Mason really enjoyed it as well and he loved getting a special treat when he was feeling sick.

Jan 2013 001 (47)

Next year I think we’re going to go with the Santa or the Elf Cake they’re perfect for the Holidays!

Baskin-Robbins Holiday Cakes

Our closest Baskin Robbins is about 20 minutes away (I know the horror) but we have some friends who live near by so we’re going to plan a play date with them this week so we can go get some more yummy treats. I’m thinking these snowman treats will be perfect for the kids!

Baskin-Robbins Mini Snowman  Baskin-Robbins Mini Snow Woman

    As for me I’m going to be getting the Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream possibly in milkshake form cause I love a good milkshake!

    Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Baskin-Robbins. I received a gift card to facilitate my shopping experience and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.
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  1. Beth Rees says

    Poor little guy!!! I hope he starts feeling better soon! I have to say I think that cake would definitely make me feel better 🙂 The elf and Santa are to cute!

  2. says

    I have been fighting the flu for 2 days now. I think I need an ice cream cake to make me feel better.

    Hope your little guy is better soon. It is no fun for sure!

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