Baby Girl Nurseries


We’re not doing a nursery for Baby3. We have three bedrooms and technically we could but since we co-sleep we felt it would be better to leave the big bed in the other room and just stick her crib in there with the bed.

That doesn’t stop me from dreaming about a baby girl nursery and pinning amazing rooms.













Seeing all these nurseries makes me wish we were doing one I especially love the pink and blue nurseries! WhichOneIsYourFavorite

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  1. says

    They’re all so pretty! I kinda feel like I’m starting over with Rebecca’s because we just moved–I was JUST trying to pick out a paint color… sticking with a gray, like in a few of the photos you put here! I LOVE the idea of hanging curtains on the wall with a rod where there are no windows – very cute!

  2. Sonya Morris says

    We co-sleep as well and I always wonder why I bother with a nursery! I think I need to concentrate more on decorating an awesome playroom and skip spending money on the nursery.

  3. Judy H. says

    I love nursery #8! The hot pink and the bright aqua are such a fun departure from the usual pastel or “colors of the year” nurseries. It’s not too bright to be relaxing, but so much fun, it is both pleasant for the parents and eventually so engaging for the baby.

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