11 Valentine’s Day Books to Read with your Kids


Every night before we go to bed Mason gets three stories. Sometimes 5-6 depending on how short they are and how good he is. I love reading holiday themed books to him. We just put away all of our Christmas books (otherwise we’d be reading them all year long) and now I’m starting to stock up on Valentine’s Day Books.

I picked up Peek a Boo! Valentine the other day. We have the Halloween and Christmas version of the book and Mason loves it so when I spotted it I knew I had to pick it up too.

PeekaBooValentine Peek-a-Boo! Valentine

Unfortunately that’s about the extent of our Valentine’s Day Book collection so I went browsing Amazon to see what other cute Valentine’s Day books they and I came across quite a few. These are some of my favorites!


Happy Valentine’s Day, Curious George!


Minnie’s Valentine

ValentinesDay The Story of Valentine’s Day


The Ballad of Valentine


Plant a Kiss 


Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse


The Day It Rained Hearts


The Biggest Valentine Ever


Fancy Nancy: Heart to Heart


Valentine’s Are For Saying I Love You

Eventually I’d like to get all of these but I think I’m going to start with The Day It Rained Hearts, The Ballad of Valentine and Plant a Kiss.


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  1. Yvette says

    Happy Valentine’s Day Curious George is a favorite of ours. Can I tell you my husband still watches Curious George on Sundays?! I don’t believe it either. I’d also recommend Willamena the Rescue Mouse by Nicole Rivera. I read it to my 4 year old, although I’d recommend it for older kids too like up to 7. The video the author made of the Real Willamena was adorable. He was mesmerized by it! I’d also recommend I Like You by Sandol Stoddard. That was an awesome book as well

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