Mason Monday (Bedtime/Behavior Help Requested)

A sleepy one.

Because its late on Monday and I need to talk about bedtime.

Mason was doing pretty well with bedtime. We follow a routine. Kiss Daddy good night, brush your teeth, change the diaper (we’re still working on potty training, I’ll save that for another post), change into PJs, read 3-5 stories, turn off the light and hop into bed.

Most nights that works perfectly. But lately he’s been all kinds of bad behavior in the first half. Refusing to walk upstairs on his own or procrastinating like crazy “Watch this Mama”, “I’m hungry”, “I’m thirsty” and general just running around laughing and giggling as I tell him to get up the stairs.

Two nights ago he got out of bed about 8 times in a half hour. But once he finally fell asleep he was out.

The bad behavior doesn’t just start at bedtime it’s allll day long. He has a ton of energy and when whether permits (which it has a lot lately) we take him outside and get out of the house in general but sometimes it just doesn’t happen and apparently running around the house destroying everything in his path doesn’t help expend his energy :/

I know it’s his age, and that it’s just a stage but he is *really* trying my patience especially as I get further along in this pregnancy. I’m emotionally spent and it doesn’t help that I’ve been sick the last week. Every night I pray that I get another chance tomorrow to show patience. And boy do I get those chances.  But sometimes I still can’t manage to keep it together. How many times can I put the kid in time out? He doesn’t care. He thinks it’s funny or he leaves as soon as I put him there.

What am I suppose to do to discipline a child who genuinely doesn’t care? Thoughts? Suggestions? Can you commiserate?

It’s especially hard when he looks at me with his big blue eyes.

How am I suppose to be “mean” and stick to my guns with that looking back at me!? Don’t get me wrong I’ve been doing it but I feel like I’m doing *something* wrong especially since it doesn’t work. Any advice, book suggestions or website recommendations are welcomed.

In other news. Mason went to go see Camo Santa on Saturday. He did fairly well with waiting online and sat on Santa’s lap and told him what he wanted.

As for this Northerner seeing Camo Santa was quite interesting 🙂

Mason loved it and I can’t wait to bring him to see the traditional Santa next weekend, look for pictures next Mason Monday!

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  1. says

    There are different ways to work with a child that doesn’t care. currency based disciple doesn’t seem to work for those kids. Sometime extinction method works. good luck

  2. says

    I am right there with you. Literally. My three and a half year old son is a very high energy boy who is very strong willed as well. He has a one and a half year old brother who is picking up his habits and I am pregnant with baby number three and have had terrible morning sickness and no energy. My school psychologist aunt recommended a book called “1-2-3 Magic” and I just picked it up from the library. It has gotten great reviews and has actually been recommended to me by other moms as well. I will let you know how it goes with us, but it might be something you would like as well. Good luck!

  3. Beth Rees says

    I am interested to hear this as well. My little guy is having a hard time and I just struggle with how to handle it. I might try that book Laura recommended. At this point, I am willing to try anything

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