Holiday Gift Idea: Camera Coat #Review

I know that a lot of people tend to not bring their dSLR every where with them and instead bring a point and shoot but I much prefer my dSLR so I bring it with me absolutely everywhere. I don’t really think it’s that heavy at all. My real issue comes with my camera bag. I love it but it’s no fun while running around the park with Mason.

I was *so* excited when a friend stumbled upon Camera Coats and shared it with me.

Essentially it’s a cover for your camera or cuter yet a Camera Coat 🙂

I choose to get a blue chevron with pretty bright yellow flowers.

The back has three pockets for your lens when you’re using your camera or other items like your money or your remote control for your camera.

They don’t have anything to keep it closed though so be careful especially with money!

There is a little clip that you can attach to your camera strap so you don’t have to worry about misplacing your Camera Coat

I’ve used it quite a few times and I love how easy and convenient it is. I keep it in my camera bag covering my camera since I also use my camera bag as my regular purse. It provides extra protection for my camera while it’s in my bag and then allows me to have protection when I take it out to do things like going Christmas Tree picking which I did today.

I absolutely love the clip so that I have I never have to worry about a place to hold my Camera Coat. I also love the pockets because I never know where to put my lens since I don’t have an attachment for it.

They also have bags for your SLR, extra lenses and video cameras

The Camera Coats and the Perfect Pouch would make great gifts for the photographer in your life!

Camera Coats in Standard Size retail for $40.00-42.00

Some are currently on sale for $32.00-34.00

Use Code FREESHIP2012 for Free Shipping from now until December 25th


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