Flatout Holiday Pizza Party #flatoutpizza

I love the Holiday Season especially Holiday movies and shows! We’ve been trying to watch or read something Christmas oriented almost every single day, so far we have been successful especially since he loves reading Drummer Boy. Once it heads towards the weekend we like to make sure that we do a fun outing or even something extra special at home!

We received a box of Flatout Flatbread and were so excited to know that we were going to be celebrating a Holiday Pizza Party using the Flatout Flatbread!


We had a couple of Mason’s best buddies come over for a Holiday movie and Flatout Flatbread Pizza!

We decided to watch something short and sweet, and one of my personal favorites Frosty The Snowman. It was the perfect choice because we’ve been reading a book about what snowmen do at night!

FrostytheSnowman We wanted to make sure the kids were all fed before we started the movie so I laid out some of the Flatout Flatbreads put some sauce on them, some cheese and let the kids decorate their own. I made a couple too.  We figured we would make a snow man out of black olives and use the pepperoni to make the buttons and face!  I also attempted to make a pepperoni Christmas tree. It’s a little abstract but I can see it 🙂

 December 2012 162December 2012 163  

December 2012 166

On the grown up pizzas we tried to stick to red and green to fit the Christmas theme!

December 2012 167

We baked the pizzas for about 10 minutes so that everything was well cooked and the bread was nice and crispy.

December 2012 171

And yes I know my snowman looks like he was made out of city snow, but apparently I’m just not that good with making a snow man out of mozzarella cheese. Total failure LOL. And like any snow man the warmer he got the more he started to melt and he got a little disfigured but it’s not too bad right!? Mason and his friends seemed to get a kick out of it!

The kids loved the pizzas and so did the adults. B and I especially love these Flatout Flatbreads and not only bought more for the house but have been using them for meals. Tonight we made chicken roll ups and then pour sauce on top of them, it was yummy!

Flatout Flatbreads come in Rustic White, Spicy Italian, Heritage Wheat, Rosemary & Olive Oil

December 2012 265

We used the Rustic White and the Spicy Italian for our Pizza and it was delicious! The Spicy Italian had a nice little kick to it but it wasn’t anything out of control, the kids were fine with it!

Like I mentioned we LOVE these Flatout Flatbreads. 6 come in a package and we love how quickly they were ready (it was about 10 minutes for everything to be cooked for our pizzas). Each have 7 grams of protein, are a good source of fiber and have 140 calories. 6 come in a bag!

Disclosure: I wrote this post on behalf of The Motherhood for Faltout Flatbreads and Walmart. All opinions are 100% my own.
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  1. Beth Rees says

    I am interested in how many carbs they have too. I wonder if it would be less than regular pizza. I also love how versatile they are. What a great quick meal

  2. says

    I love those flat outs for pizza creations of ones own. We cook ours in the pizza oven and they turn out better than any pizza one can buy at any store.

    Cute idea’s for your pizza’s.

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