Daddy Scrubs Review & #Giveaway

When it comes to labor and delivery everyone is focused on Mom and Baby which is completely understandable but Dad needs some TLC sometimes too!

And that’s where comes in!

There entire site is for Dad! They have Scrubs that they can wear during labor and delivery, t-shirts, hats and even an awesome Daddy Diaper Bag!


We’re not quite sure where we’ll be delivering at this point but one thing I do know is that delivery can get a tad bit messy. It wasn’t an issue for B last time but who knows how different this time will be especially since he’ll be more hands on if we end up being able to go to the birth center like we want too!

I let B pick out which scrubs he wanted and he chose the Khaki Scrubs in Edgy!


Excuse my headless Baby Daddy he said that he would prefer his *adorable* face to not be in the picture especially while modeling!

B thought the pants were great and he plans on wearing them before and after the delivery. He loves how comfy it is. The pants fit perfectly but he wishes that he would have went a size up on the top and suggests that if you’re normally a large to go up to an extra large etc.




The shirt has Daddy on the front pocket and also has I’m the Daddy on the back, just in case anyone forgets 😉



Both B and I are excited that he has something specific to wear on that day so that he can be comfortable and not worry about any of his clothes getting anything on them. And since they’re scrubs if something *does* get on them it will wash out easily so he can continue to wear them to bed or maybe even to another birth one day!?


You can Purchase Daddy Scrubs on their website or from for $49.95


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