3 Months To Go

Actually it’s LESS than 3 Months to go. More like 2 1/2, until baby arrives of course. A part of me almost wishes I go a little late so that I have that much more time to prepare for Baby3.

Earlier in the month I showed you the area where all of Baby3’s clothes and such will be. Remember this?

If it helps it looks WAY worse than it is.

Here’s what it looks like now:

December 2012 481

All the clothes from the chest are gone, either put away, donated or stored in the attic. Most of the baskets are there and in place (there was a backorder on the linen baskets so I’m still waiting for those). But once those are in the shelf will be officially done. I’m thinking I’ll probably move the hearts basket up to the top shelf as well maybe put the books in their so it looks more orderly.

So how did I use my Brother P-Touch labeler to help? I printed out labels and put them on every single basket.


December 2012 475

I love how I was able to customize the labels! I chose hearts for Baby3 and did the rounded frame for Mason’s stuff. The only thing I did a little different was Next Season since well, it’s different than the other clothes 🙂

I put the labels on the inside of the baskets because I felt they stuck there the best.

 December 2012 487

This will help me remember what’s what clothes wise but will more importantly be helpful for B and anyone who plans on coming to help us. Now instead of me having to show my Mom or sisters where the clothes that I need are they’ll be able to find it on their own!

I liked this system so much I went ahead and did the same thing in Mason’s room. We have a plastic “dresser” that we use in Mason’s closet and B can never seem to remember where to find his clothes so I labeled everything for him!

December 2012 477

And of course I used it to help organize the clothes in the attic. Now there is no question to what box I need to pull (although going through the boxes apparently I need to organize those a little better LOL). Eventually I’ll be going through the entire attic and use the P-Touch to help organize.

The Brother Easy Handheld Label Maker (PTH100) is $29.00 on Amazon right now!


Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Brother P-Touch and received a product sample to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.
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  1. Beth Rees says

    I love the labels!!! That would make me so much more organized. At least one can hope lol. I still have 4 to go. Hopefully it goes fast. Well not to fast

  2. Myly Nguyen says

    I love how you organize the baby clothes. I need to start buying tubs to organize my baby's clothes too. it makes it more easy to find.

  3. joanna garcia says

    AHH!! 3 months!! awesome! love how the organization came out and the cute designs you can do with the label maker!

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