Nursery Storage Ideas

We just got a Toddler Bed for Mason and with that we moved the crib that he had been sleeping in into the spare room aka the co-sleeping room the room is a decent size but it has a full size bed in it and the closet is filled with my clothes.

We have a lot do, I have A LOT to do.  Just a mini list for this room

  • Go through closet and donate clothes that I don’t want or doesn’t fit anymore
  • Buy a bookshelf
  • Buy baskets for bookshelf for clothes storage
  • Go through trunk and donate purses and sheets we no longer need.
  • Fold all clothes in the room, if they don’t have a spot get rid of them!
  • Organize bottom of the closet–all crafts in the craft drawer–get rid of clothes you don’t need in the other drawer set

So as you can see I have quite the list, It doesn’t seem like too much but it’s ALL time consuming and apparently I have a problem getting rid of some things :/

Of course I’m utilizing Pinterest to search for ideas on how exactly to arrange everything. Here are some things I’m loving.

I would put baskets in each cubby hole. This might be a little too wide though. I’m not sure yet.

I like the idea of the little labels if I’m gong to do baskets. That should help me remember what’s in each especially when I’m super tired! I of course love the elephants but like always wish the trunk was pointing up!

I like the stripes on this but think I would want different colors!

I like this too, it obviously can fit canvas bins. I wouldn’t be able to fit the bench portion but I do like it and wish I could.

I also love these  for books.  I’m not exactly sure where I would put them but I think maybe as a head board of sorts above the bed? I would store her books but maybe also mine too?

I also like this idea for a bookshelf. Not sure which idea I like better.

yet another idea for book storage.

And I love how this as no “empty space” between the cubby holes and bins but I wold need something a little taller!

I can’t wait to get everything nailed down and then I can move on to decorating! I won’t do much because I don’t want to overwhelm the small space but I am excited to add little pink and purple touches!

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  1. says

    I love your options! I can imagine how tough it is just to decide on a shelf! We use a regular style one for the kids with very sturdy shelves cos of their very heavy books!

  2. Heather Kunke says

    Thanks for the inspiration. I went to Ikea yesterday for the bookcase but decided to wait until the rest of the furniture came. I love the baskets with the labels.

  3. Sonya Morris says

    I love the look of the cubby holes and bins. There are so many cute bins to add a custom look to any room. I really like both of the book storage ideas! Thanks for the post.

  4. Rebecca Helene Thomas says

    I love this post! I have a little one on the way and having scouring the web for storage ideas. I have a book case like this that I put all my older son’s toys in. I think it’s time to get another for baby #2.

  5. says

    Those are some great ideas. My biggest thing with nursery organization is always the closet. I need to be able to find everything easily and I want there to be a variety of sizes there for the early months when they grow sooooo quickly. This type of storage I would like for the playroom. That is where we keep most of the toys and where organization is strongly needed… at least in our house 🙂

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