Mason Gets a Big Boy Bed!

Yesterday was a busy day for us B. It took apart the crib that was in Mason’s room, moved it into the other bedroom AND put together Mason’s new Toddler bed. It was a bittersweet day for me, I was SO glad that we were finally making progress in getting ready for Baby Girl, but my Baby Boy took another step to getting older! He’s now sleeping in a “big boy” bed!

He absolutely loves it too. He was so excited about how he was getting a big boy bed and how he was going to let his little sister sleep in his crib!

B had a little issue putting together the crib together but it was mainly his own fault–the directions stated that all the pieces would be labeled but only half of them were. When the first two that he grabbed weren’t labeled he assumed that known of them were labeled and put everything together.

Unfortunately he didn’t realize this until the very end when he was putting on the Toddler Bed rails. Lucky for him Mason was more than willing to help him out!

Like I mentioned Mason is SO excited about this bed. And just like that. My baby boy is sleeping in his very own big boy bed!


The bed that we ended up getting was the Canton Toddler Bed from Delta Furniture. We absolutely LOVED the style and the color. We wanted something that didn’t look too childish and it looked good in his bedroom. We knew the color would be perfect because it’s similar in color to the crib that he was in previously.

The bed feels very sturdy and fits a standard size crib mattress. I know it will last a couple of more years for us before we transition him to a bigger bed and most importantly Mason loves it. And he’s sleeping in it!

Disclosure: I received the Canton Toddler Bed from Delta Furniture for review purposes only. All opinions are 100% my own.
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