It’s A….

Watch the video to see…it’s really super sweet. Listen closely to little man 🙂

Totally not what I was expecting but exactly what I was told at my 12 week 6 Day NT scan!

Baby Wish List: New Floors
Magic Castle Bounce House #Giveaway


    • Christa says

      LOL I know! And then when he actually went to do it we realized it was too hard for him to do on his own. Poor guy! He was trying to scratch it off ALL day!

  1. Julie Ghrist says

    YAY!!! So exciting 🙂 I was watching the video and my sons name is Mason also (he is 2) he was so funny watching it. He is expecting a little sister also come february 🙂 The video confused him a little LOL so cute tho!

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