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The First time I ever heard about Your Santa Story was in the Mom Select Suite in NYC during BlogHer12. I immediately fell in love with the idea.  Your Santa Story sends a personalized DVD to your home that talks about your child, things they’ve been up too and best of all, where they can find an extra hidden gift for being so good this year!

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I love that it helps keep the magic alive. My parents were AMAZING with keeping the magic of Christmas and Santa a secret for a really long time and I loved every second of it. I’m so excited that Your Santa Story will help us keep the magic alive for Mason and come next Christmas his sister!

All the details are filled out by you, which means you’re able to make it as personal as possible.  I love that it’s not only available for Spanish speaking families but also for Sign Language Families as well (you can choose either of these options in Step 1).

You’re ready to have your DVD sent to you in 5 easy steps:

 I honestly can’t wait to see the look on Mason’s face when we pop that DVD in and Santa speaks directly to our family and says his name and MOST of all reveals a special gift (Santa is  hiding ours in the kitchen). <–speaking of which make sure you have Santa remind you where the special gift is on Christmas Eve!

We plan on putting the DVD in Mason’s stocking since we usually open stockings last. We’re not exactly sure what special gift Santa will hide in the Kitchen but we know that it’s going to be great and Mason is going to love it! How could he not?!

Your Santa Story is customized just for you for $29.95


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  1. bety dunning says

    That is an awesome idea!!! I love keeping the Santa magic alive! My parents did an amazing job with this for a super long time and I appreciate every moment of it!

  2. Diane Shideler says

    We are huge Santa fans! We always have Santa presents every year, even though we are all adults now. Now that there are kids again in my family, it's more fun!

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