Fusion Pilates: Birth Ball for Pre & Post Pregnancy Review & Giveaway


I’ve been *very* cautious to work out this pregnancy. In fact I even stopped working once I hit my second trimester. I’m still in the second trimester but since we just hit viability I want to start working out again!

I want to do low impact work outs that are still great for Mom and Baby so like most of the rest of my workouts even when I’m not pregnant I stick with Pilates and Yoga style DVDs. I love the stretching and leaning aspect of Pilates especially it has always worked wonders for my body when I stick to a consistent work out and I know that the stretching aspect will be so important come laboring time!

Jennifer Gianni’s Fusion Pilates Birth Ball for Pre & Post Pregnancy is a 3 DVD set. The workouts utilize a stability ball. If you’re 4’11”-5’4″ (that’s me) you’ll need a 55cm Ball. If you’re 5’5″-5’11” you’ll need a 65cm Ball.

The first 20 Minutes of the Pregnancy Workout talks about the different things you’ll be doing in the workout and other important information related to pregnancy and the workout.

You can easily skip ahead to the official beginning of the workout which starts around 20 minutes after you have watched the first 20 minutes at least once.

The instructor is *not* pregnant so she has someone else doing the actual exercises while she does the voice over.  Before each exercise it lets you know the name of the exercise as well as what trimester it is most appropriate for.

I also love that they give you a close up of what the demonstrator is doing so that you can see really well what you need to be doing.

Overall the workout is about 32 minutes long which includes a nice deep breathing/stretching at the end.

I found that for someone who hasn’t been working out in a while that this was perfect for me. It was low impact and helped me ease back into working out which is exactly what I needed to do. This DVD is great for light days an all mothers who are preparing to give birth.

After the workout I felt sore but not overly so which I felt was perfect.

I especially love that it’s a 3DVD set so I can continue to use it after I have the baby and incorporate the baby into my workouts I think it will be some nice bonding time!

 Jennifer Gianni’s Fusion Pilates Birth Ball for Pre & Post Pregnancy 3 DVD set retails $32.99

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Disclosure: I received the Fusion Pilates Birth Ball for Pre & Post Pregnancy 3 DVD set for review purposes only. All opinions are 100% my own.  Prizes are supplied by Fusion Pilates.
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  1. Heather Kunke says

    I could really use the pregnancy DVD now especially the stretches but will probably use the post pregnancy DVD more.

  2. McKell Anderson says

    This looks like a great exercise program during pregnancy. I just bought an exercise ball this week and haven’t known much to do with it.

  3. Heather says

    I would not be the one using it all my girlfriends are pregnant I would give it as a gift but most are still pregnant so prolly the first one!

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