Family Movie Night with The Amazing Spiderman #SpiderManWMT

The other day B and I were sitting at the table with Mason and we were all having a conversation and then it got quiet and I said to B

“He’s getting so big now, we can actually have conversations with him”

And then we both just kind stared at him until Mason asked us what we were looking at.

I can’t help but think it’s going a little too fast. Even our family night on Friday showed how fast it was going!

Mason, for the most part, sat through The Amazing Spiderman. He had his moments when Spiderman was in costume and he got a little bored or when the movie first started and Spiderman as a small child was on the screen and Mason proclaimed


We explained to him that he’s not Spiderman yet but he will be and you’ll see him soon and he calmed down, cuddled up next to me and continued to watch.

It was the perfect day. We woke up early and cleaned the house up, I worked on my blog some and then I headed over to Walmart to pick up some pizza for dinner and a special treat for Mason.

I got meat lovers because I love meat lovers pizza (so does baby girl). We learned when we got home that Mason isn’t a fan of “stuff” on his pizza. Looks like we’re going to be a “plain” pizza family pretty soon!

After I picked up the pizza (it’s right by the entrance in my store) I headed over to the toy section because I wanted to get Mason something special he’s been SO excited to watch The Amazing Spiderman with Mommy and Daddy!

While I was shopping I looked for specially marked signs so that I could complete Mason’s own comic book where he stares as Spiderman! It’s called WebSlinger! You can get it for iPhone or Android! Mason loved seeing his comic book especially since HE was spider man!

I ended up getting him the mask because as soon as we got the movie (a couple of days before Halloween) he decided that he wanted to be Spiderman instead of Captain America!

After I got home from my shopping trip I showed Mason his special gift. I don’t know who’s more excited B

Or Mason

I know who was most excited for the pizza though! Me and Baby Girl Baking!

B and I really liked this pizza the quality of meat was good, we have gotten pizza before that was meat lovers and you could taste how fatty the meat was which to us meant lower quality and that was not the case here.

After we dinner we sat and watched the movie, we got the Walmart Exclusive Movie Gift set. It came with a Limited Edition bonus disk in a mask case!

Like I mentioned before I was really impressed with Mason’s attention span and was all happy that it was a movie that he could watch. There was nothing in the movie that I was afraid of him watching. B and I loved the movie too. I’m following The Amazing Spiderman on Twitter and Facebook because I’m fairly certain there is going to be a sequel and I want to know about it!

Want a special movie night with your family? Check out Vudu. If you sign up now you can get a free movie!

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