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Back when I was in college I had bought a huge box of garbage bags in bulk with my roommate that was way too much for us to go through in one year but super cheap and then B’s Aunt passed away and his Dad gave us all the garbage bags from her house and then B had garbage bags from his friend. So we have literally not bought garbage bags in almost 4 years. It’s a little ridiculous but also kind of awesome.

Not awesome?

None of them were great garbage bags, they broke far too easily, pretty much every single time we lifted them out of the garbage bag. For obvious reasons it was frustrating. As if I don’t have enough messes to clean up with a very active toddler running around.

Recently we ran out of those bags and started using Glad Bags. I automatically noticed that they were twice as thick as the previous bags that we had been using. I also noticed that it had some give to it. You could stuff it full with things and not have the bag break (within reason of course).

Right now we’re working on getting the spare room/junk/co-sleeping room into a multifunctional room mainly for Baby Girl.  I’ve been donating a ton of stuff and throwing away a lot of stuff! This bag is filled with garbage!

 And luckily for me it still has plenty of space for more stuff.

I also have two more bags filled with clothes for goodwill and clothes to send to my Aunt for her little boy. I can’t wait to fill up a couple more bags with things we need to get rid of!

Need a break from cleaning up after the messy people in your life? Like Glad and check out the “After the Wild Life” Facebook Tab and play the Missing in the Mess game!

Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Glad. I received products to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.
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