Cat Ruining Your Couches?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Comfort Zone® products for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

About a year or two before I got pregnant with Mason I got a kitten. I had always wanted one but was never able to get one before my Mom is allergic so I figured while I was in college was the best time to get one. I figured that hopefully I wouldn't be living with my parents after graduation anyway and even if I was, they wouldn't make me give up my precious cat right?!

So I immediately went to the SPCA to get a kitten but they wouldn't let me because I was in college and lived in an apartment (they have strict rules about who they let adopt animals for good reason). My next option was asking local people if they knew of anyone who was trying to get rid of kittens. I quickly found someone and went out to the farm to see the kittens but the mother had moved them. The guy there then came back and said he did have this one straggler that was a part of another litter and seemed to be on his own.

He showed me the cutest little grey kitten with Hazel eyes and even though I hadn't been planning on bringing a cate home that day, I took her!

Fast forward to two years later and I meet B, and we begin our family. B thinks that we NEED a dog so we end up getting a pitbull. It isn't long before B decides that we can't have two animals and that Hazel had to be the one to go. We fought and we fought and I cried and my Mom said that to save the fight for now that she would keep Hazel for a little bit.

Fast forward another three years and Hazel is still living with my parents and they consider her theirs. The love her SO much and even if I wanted to take her back (which I do) they would never let me. The only thing that drives my parents crazy?

The Scratching. Hazel tore up their couches 🙁 We've been trying so many things so I figured giving Comfort Zone® with Feliway®  products a shot, couldn't hurt!

It is recommended that you allow the product 90 days to see the full effect in your cat but I noticed a difference right away with Hazel.

She seemed calmer and didn't follow her usual routine of coming right in the door and attempting to scratch the couch.  I was so happy that she was a part of the 95% of Comfort Zone® users that it reduced scratching for. It also reduces urine marking in cats but we don't have that issue with Hazel at all.

So how does it work?

The Comfort Zone® with Feliway® Diffuser releases an odorless vapor that mimics the soothing feline facial pheromone. It truly is odorless, I couldn't smell a thing but it was obvious from Hazel's behavior that she was.

We use the Diffuser in combinnation with the Comfort Zone® with Feliway® Spray. I sprayed it in the area where she always scratches and it seemed to work.

I love that it's also good to use when traveling. I know Hazel HATES traveling (we did it a lot when I first got her) so I'm really hoping that the next time we travel that it works.

For more information visit the Comfort Zone Facebook Page!

Does your Cat have a scratching issue?

What have you used in the past to combat it?

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