Baby Wish List: New Floors

Getting ready for Baby3 is stressing me out a bit. We’re half way to meeting Baby3 and we’re not really ready at all. We live in a three bedroom townhouse and the smallest room (Mason’s room) is super tiny. It fits his crib, and a couple of other things but that’s it.  There is NO way we would be able to fit a crib in there WITH his Toddler bed or a twin bed.

That leaves the bedroom they I find myself in a lot when I’m pregnant and co-sleeping which has been the last three years. B and I sleep horribly together when I’m pregnant and he’s afraid to co-sleep. Sleep for me and co-sleeping means a lot to me so I sleep in there with Mason.  Soon Mason will be transitioning to his bed full time and I’ll be sleeping in the room with Baby3. We just recently got rid of the desk that’s in there and are getting rid of a large chair so that we can fit the crib in there and rearrange for storage. I’m confidant that things will fit and all work out but I really wish that we could get some new floors in there, paint the room and maybe even change the floors. I’d like hardwood thank you very much!

In trying to convince B that we need new floors upstairs I’ve been looking at Floor and Decor, they have a lot of low price flooring options.

They have everything from porcelain, ceramic, stone, tile, wood and laminate.

This place is HUGE so it’s easy to see why they have the best selection in hardwood.

I really like these two hardwood floor options the best:

I pretty much like dark wood or cherry would and between these two I’m leaning towards the dark wood and if that’s what I like that most likely means that B will like the opposite lol. We do not have the same taste in home decor which makes decorating and the like really hard at times! Hopefully we can both agree that the price is good (under 5.00 per square foot). The one I like is the cheaper option so maybe that’s how I’ll win!?

If I can even get B to redo the floors I also have to think about it matching with all of our furniture and future purchases which is why I think the dark wood would be best. But we also have laminate downstairs that is fairly new and I wonder if we should have it match that? It’s light in color though and not really my style.

What do  you think? If I can convince B to redo the floors should we go with the dark would or the cherry? Or should we match the entry way downstairs?

The entry way looks more like this but a little lighter, kinda more yellowish (it’s not real hardwood).

Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Floor and Decor. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating.
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  1. Julie Ghrist says

    Just be prepared and warned. My boss had her hardwood floors redone and she stained them a dark cherry color. They are beautiful but every little piece of dirt/ dust is VERY noticeable. You have to clean them daily for them to look nice. Also, if you drop something on them and they get dented or scratched. The spot where they get scratched/dented is the regular wood color and very noticeable also (much more so than it would be on light colored floors). They are absolutely beautiful tho and I love the look of the dark floors 🙂

  2. carizza says

    I’m a big fan of hardwood floors! even though I like both, I think the dark wood is definitely the way to go.

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