aden + anais Swaddle Blanket Review

I have no idea how I hadn’t heard of Aden + Anais when I was pregnant with Mason. I wish I had, I bet I would have a whole stash of them for this baby! I didn’t start hearing about them and desperately wanting them until Mason was well out of the swaddle stage.

The first time I saw them in use was at BlogHer this year. Both Mama B and Baby Dickey had them for their little girls, I love how soft they were and most of all how big they were!

I fell in love with the b jeweled Set.

I love how vibrant and beautiful these colors are and for the most part I would consider this a gender neutral set, which is something that I wanted. Even though we know we’re having a baby girl I still like going with Gender Neutral items. The colors are just as vibrant in person


I love all the colors but I have a soft spot for purples and Mason of course likes the blue one.

The first thing I noticed about these blankets was how much larger they were than the average swaddle blanket particularly the ones you get from the hospital. We had a ton of those from when I had Mason and we used them all the time with him but we often had to use two to swaddle him properly and then poor guy would get too hot!

I was curious to see just how big the size difference was between the aden + anais blankets were and the standard hospital blanket so I ran and got one of Mason’s.

I’m standing behind that blanket and we couldn’t even get the whole thing in the frame but I think it shows very clearly how much bigger the aden + anais blanket is. We were shocked at the difference. All blankets should be like this!

The fabric is thinner but that’s a non-issue since it so big it will be able to be wrapped around the baby once and then some. I can’t wait for baby girl to be in them with a matching headband or bow.

Another thing I love about these blankets besides the swaddle factor is because they’re so big and the fabric is so light weight it makes it perfect for draping over you while you’re trying to get yourself situated during a nursing session.

This is an essential on my Mom and Baby Must Have List  and I plan on getting another set or two so that we have plenty for baby girl.

You can get aden + anais blankets on their wesbite or on Amazon.

The b jeweled Set and ones like it retail for $49.95 for a four pack!

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  1. Samantha says

    We are getting these too. Mostly because I hear great things but also because they make a monster print that I love.

  2. says

    We had (have) a set of these for Kynlee. I love how big they are and you are right – they’d be perfect to drape over yourself while nursing. We didn’t use them for swaddling much, but for an actual blanket we did. 🙂

  3. says

    I love A&A blankets! I have 2 packs and use them all the time! They are great to swaddle in the beginning because they are huge and you can get a great swaddle out of it!

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