23 Week #Pregnancy Update

At about 10.5 to 11.8 inches and about 12.7 to 20.8 ounces, baby’s not just getting bigger, she’s getting even cuter. She’s forming little nipples (yeah, really!) Her face is fully formed now — she just needs a little extra fat to fill it out. She’s listening to your voice and your heartbeat — and even to loud sounds like cars honking and dogs barking.

How Far Along: 23 Weeks

Due Date: March 13th, 2013

Boy or girl: Baby Girl up in here

Currently craving: Salad Still and Sour Punch Straws

Currently Avoiding: Nada until I see it!

Weight: Didn’t look!

Belly button status: IN!

Sleep grade: Wasn’t I suppose to get a burst of energy? Because I’m still tired all the time being pregnant with another child at home is so much harder than your first pregnancy when you have no children! 

Recent Crazy Dream: I had a really weird dream that I was sitting at my computer blogging or something who knows. When all of a sudden I decided I needed to give birth. So I stood up and delivered my daughter who was born in the caul. So I took it off of her. Then B and his friend came into the room and were like “oh cool you just gave birth” and they started cleaning up the mess. Then as I was trying to get out of the way so they could clean she was slippery and I dropped her they gasped and I was all “oh she’s okay” even though I was really worried and felt guilty. Then my phone started ringing and I saw it was my Mom so I picked up the phone because I thought I should tell her I just had the baby and she said “Christa? Your Dad passed” and I just started screaming NO, No, No over and over again until I woke up.

Last year when I was pregnant with Elena I dreamed my Mom died (it was the dream that made me suspect I was pregnant). I looked it up and apparently when you dream that someone dies it means good things are coming there way! Let’s hope that’s true!

Evidence of pregnancy brain: Opening the fridge and completely forgetting what I was suppose to get.

Symptoms?: Headaches. Ouch. They last ALL day long when I get them!

Health: I had an appointment yesterday and I got my p17 shot, that’s always fun. I had my 2nd to last weekly cervical scan and my cervix measured at 3.90 which is still really good and well within normal range. Fluid level looks great as well. 

Movement: All day every day! Love it! They’re still super low. She always feels low. Don’t quote me if I’m wrong but I think she’ll come on her due date or before.

Names: I should just lock in the answer “We’re Screwed” 

Any appointments?: My next appointment is on Tuesday. It will be my last weekly cervical scan but NOT my last cervical scan.

Any baby related purchases? I bought some newborn clothes off of a consignment FB group. I also bought two sleep sacks. We really need clothes for Baby Girl! 

Best thing to happen in the past week/ Worst: Best thing is being 23 weeks. Like seriously?! It’s not quite the traditional viability but there are LOTS of babies born at 23 weeks who live and that is a great great thing to know that I’ve reached that point! Worst thing I would have to say is missing Elena. I think about her all the time but lately I feel like it gets overwhelming with how much I miss her and wish she was here. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how this baby girl and Elena are going to miss out on the bond of being sisters. Yes they’ll always be sisters and I’ll make sure that Baby3 knows about her sister but it’s not the same as the bond they would share if they were growing up together. 


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  1. McKell Anderson says

    I love seeing your pregnancy updates as I’m due April 1st – just a few weeks after you. I noticed that you’ve been having headaches and just wanted to share something that I’ve found to be helpful. I was having terrible headaches and trying to not take every pain killer out there but another blog I follow mentioned that pregnancy often causes low Magnesium and one of the major side effects is headaches. I’ve been supplementing by using magnesium oil and they have really reduced my headaches. Might not solve everthing but it’s an easy and noninvasive change.

  2. says

    Ugh, I hate the constant headaches and there’s nothing you can do about them. That’s fantastic that they don’t feel the need for weekly cervical scans anymore!

    You know, it’s funny because 90% of the time I forget you’re pregnant because you aren’t one of those moms who talks about nothing but pregnancy and complains about everything. ..I was probably guilty of that when pregnant haha.

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